Reddit users baffled by optical illusion of mural that ‘disintegrates the brain’

It’s no doubt that optical illusions are made to baffle the brain.

Some illusions are created which then go viral online, while others are right in front of you.

Now Reddit users have been scratching their heads over an immersive mural outside the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, Canada.

The artwork is comprised of neutral-toned lines that flow along the walkway creating a path resembling sand dunes.

There are also chrome spheres dotted around the street to reflect the surrounding architecture next to the museum.

While the work of art can leave you mesmerised for days, people on Reddit were left baffled by it.

One user shared it on the online forum which saw the post reach over 400 upvotes and dozens of comments.

Fans were left scratching their heads over the mural
(Image: Reddit)

The caption read: “‘Dunes’ the immersive mural outside Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. An impressive optical illusion.”

One Reddit user simply couldn’t believe their eyes as they wrote under the photo: “Wait. You’re saying the road is flat?

“That the chrome balls are the only thing there other than paint?”

Another social media fan added: “Obstacle dillusion is my favourite optical illusion.”

A third admitted: “This is currently disintegrating my brain.”

While a fourth commented: “I’m not buying that it’s completely flat.”

The 2018 project, known as the “Moving Dunes”, coincided with the museum’s exhibition.

As someone moves around the mural, the street transforms, shapes are reversed, and the ground comes alive and destabilises.

In other optical illusions, a colour photo involving a group of pals went viral.

At first glance, the snap shows the pals posing together as one of them is holding a tortoise.

But what you don’t realise is that the “colour” image is actually an optical illusion which means it’s technically in black and white.

Digital artist Stuart Humphryes shared it on Twitter explaining how it demonstrates the “colour assimilation grid illusion”.

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