Relationship expert reveals the 7 questions you NEED to ask on a first date

FIRST dates are nerve-racking, that’s for sure.

Whether you’re experienced in the world of dating, or completely new to single life, the pandemic has left many of us in need of dating guidance.


If you need some dating advice, here’s seven questions you MUST ask on a first dateCredit: Getty

For a long time, we were confined to our homes, unable to go out and meet new people.

Most of us have forgotten how to socialise and the thought of a first date is SERIOUSLY scary.

Knowing what to talk about on a first date can be daunting – what kind of questions should you be asking? What if there’s an awkward silence?

The truth is, everyone is in the same boat, so try not to overthink every conversation.

To help make your first date as stress free as possible, relationship expert, James Thomas at, has shared the seven questions you need to ask on a first date.

Remember, the goal is a flowing conversation, it’s not an interview, but having these pointers will set your date off in the right direction.

‘What’s your favourite way to relax?’

An alternative to asking about hobbies, finding out how your date likes to relax will provide you with a better insight into their characteristics.

If their downtime involves relaxing with a book, you will be able to understand if they are happy in their own company.

On the other hand, if they mention friends or family in their relaxing activities, they might prefer socialising with people.

Showing an interest will open further conversations to find a mutual interest.

‘What was the last show you binge-watched?’

It will be hard to find someone who hasn’t binged watched every Netflix series during the pandemic.

But asking about their recent watch will provide you with an understanding of their TV preferences.


People tend to relate to characters they aspire to be like so it’s good to find out what shows your date is into.

You can also exchange show recommendations and you could find you have more in common than you think.

‘What is something you want to learn?’

This question will challenge your dates’ ambitions.

Throughout life we are constantly learning and aspiring to better ourselves.

If someone doesn’t have a desire to learn, it might be a turn off to you.

It can be anything from learning a language to developing confidence for public speaking.

It allows you see if their interests match with yours alongside their current priorities.

‘Do you have a ‘signature’ dish you love to cook?’

Asking this will show if the person is an avid cooker.

If they admit to not cooking, you can use it as a suggestion to learn together on a future date and if they do have a dish in mind, they could indicate to make it for you one day.

You’ll then open the conversation into food preferences and any allergies they might have.

‘If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you do?’

This question could go one of several ways.

It could invite humour into the conversation or shine a compassionate light with answers such as ‘spend time with my parents’.

It allows you to get a real feel for their personality and an insight into if they’re spontaneous or a planner.

‘What is the best thing that has happened to you this week?’

Asking about something recent is a nice way to break the ice.

The broadness of the question allows the person to gage what they perceive as the ‘best’.

It shows if they appreciate the smaller things in the life or events on a bigger scale.

‘What is the weirdest thing you’ve bought on Amazon?’

A funny question is guaranteed to keep things flowing.

This question leaves room for a story to be told on both sides and something to remember each other by.

So now all you need to do is memorise these questions and you’ll be set for a great first date.

But what to do if your first date isn’t going well?

James advises: “If things aren’t going to plan, try not to panic.

If you aren’t clicking, chances are they feel the same way as you do.

There is no shame in being honest, but never leave unannounced or change your attitude.

If the meal or round of drinks has come to an end simply ask for the bill, address the situation and call it a night.”

Happy dating!

Ask your date these seven questions to avoid any awkward silences


Ask your date these seven questions to avoid any awkward silencesCredit: Getty

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