Riders settle in for 40th Hotter’N Hell Hundred

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX/KJTL) — Riders from all over the nation are already making their way to Wichita Falls or are settling in for this weekend’s big event, The Hotter’N Hell Hundred.

This is Lee Oles’ fifth HHH and he said he keeps coming back because of the event’s history and the personal connections he has built over the years.

Connections with folks like Conrad Dalton and Steve Crowell, in their 15th year, whom he has always bunked with for the biggest weekend in the Falls.

“It’s a little cheaper [than hotels], we split the cost of the camper or whatever we’re doing,” Oles said. “In the past, we had an eight-man tent with dual air conditioners hooked up to it.”

Not just that but they said it is convenient.

“Just right over there is the MPEC and the expo, and the mountain bike race starts right here, not 50 yards from your camper,” Oles said.

“It’s nicer over here,” Crowell said.

“Yea it’s a lot more fun,” Oles said.

Other accommodations for riders include hotels, host homes, or alternative options like the Downtown YMCA‘s indoor camping.

“You’re bringing your sleeping bag and you’re popping on the floor, wherever you might land in a specific room that we set aside, this is one of them, our group exercise room, we have a board room that we will pull tables out of, we utilize racquetball courts,” YMCA’s District Executive Director Steve Hudman said.

Guests will also have access to the showers, sauna, locker room, and pool as well as indoor bike storage, topped with a light breakfast on ride day.

Though they are not requiring guests to wear masks, it is highly recommended and Hudman said they have an ongoing safety protocol to keep high touch points sanitized.

“We’ll come in, we’ll still fog the areas even where they’re staying in an effort to minimize that opportunity to come into contact with COVID or minimize the contraction of COVID as well,” Hudman said.

Employees and volunteers are required to wear masks though.

Oles, and his friends as well as Hudman said they are happy to get back to the event in this new normal while remaining as safe as possible.

The YMCA will be hosting 150 to 200 guests this weekend but they will still be open to members.

Still looking for a place to stay? click here.

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