Robin Wright reveals her secret survival skills

“I’ve always liked being surrounded by nature, I’ve been camping all my life, since I was a child, with my family, touring our country in a tent. I know how to chop wood, kill a deer, skin it, smoke its meat and cook it on the grill … Finding yourself in the end with your hands covered with blisters, it’s not easy to control it, nature!” she said in an interview with Italian publication IO Donna, reports


Wright’s most recent role came in the drama movie ‘Land’, which was also her directorial debut. She plays Edee Holzer, a middle-aged woman who retreats to an isolated cabin in the Wyoming wilderness after experiencing a painful tragedy.

The ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ actress filmed it in the Rocky Mountains.

“Of course, this in the Rocky Mountains was a different experience: at night, in the base camp cabin, it was frightening to hear the winds at 75 mph and the bears roar. The bears then tried to get into the food service truck.

“We also went from 24 degrees to sudden frost, hail and snow, we had to run to wrap ourselves up, changing scene and season on set in less than an hour!”

Source: IANS

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