Royal Family news – Queen’s aides planning legal fight against Meghan & Harry and is ‘exasperated with repeated attacks’

IT is yet unclear what celebrations Kate has in mind for her landmark birthday, or if she will keep it low-key like Meghan.

While this year The Duchess of Cambridge had her birthday in the middle of lockdown on January 9, meaning she had to do something quiet, next year she will be missing out on one particular honour.

This is that The Duchess will not hear the traditional chimes of Westminister Abbey when she celebrates her 40th birthday. This is due to changes rung in to cut costs.

It is normal for the senior royals to hear the bells ringing at the Abbey on their birthdays, with Camilla Parker Bowles included among them.

but the bells have not rung at the Abbey since April 2020 due to the pandemic.

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