Savannah Chrisley Can’t Believe She Did This SHOCKING Thing

Savannah Chrisley is feeling sentimental. Earlier this week, the Chrisley Knows Best star shared the ultimate throwback photo to own all throwback photos. She revealed a time when she couldn’t believe that she did this shocking thing two years ago. However, the reality star chooses not to live her life with any regrets.

It’s all a part of growing and learning. Savannah still has a lot to learn these days. It comes as no shock to fans that the beauty maiden loves to switch it up when it comes to her looks. Still, some fans wonder if she’s ever gone under the knife. They think she looks more different than ever when it could just be her hair and a little makeup.

Savannah Chrisley reminisces over SHOCKING move

On Wednesday, September 1, Savannah Chrisley kicked off the month with a series of throwback photos. The Growing Up Chrisley star caused controversy when she debuted her pixie haircut in 2019. Fans couldn’t stop talking about her short ‘do. Initially, Savannah wanted to cut her hair to empower herself.

At the time, she claimed that Miley Cyrus was the inspiration behind her hairstyle. Savannah wanted to take some action after her hair dye mishap. On October 15, 2019, she debuted her new look to the world. She cited Miley Cyrus as the reason behind it.

“I’ve always wanted to cut my hair since Miley Cyrus did hers super short,” she explained. “But then, recently, I think I got my hair colored too close in time by two different people and I don’t know what happened, but it just fried my hair. So I kinda had no choice because literally back here it was just a straight line with bleach. It was not a good day for Savannah.”

On her Instagram post at the time, Savannah inspired her ladies to march a different beat. She doesn’t feel that women should do what men want them to do. It doesn’t matter if their man likes them with long hair. Instead, they should take major hair risks and do what feels good in the moment.

Chrisley Knows Best fans debate on shorter vs. longer

Her friends took to the post to share their thoughts on her pixie cute. Some revealed that Savannah Chrisley looks better with shorter hair. It’s almost as if it became part of her sassy Southern personality.

Fitness trainer Ashley Borden wrote, “I LOVED your short hair! Your hair doesn’t change what’s [sic] on the inside.” Dermatologist Candace Marino added, “You can rock anything,” while Erin Oprea added, “I love it short.”

However, some think Savannah looks better with longer hair. They’re glad to see that her natural hair grew back in. “U are beautiful but like longer hair,” one wrote. “Why do you keep cutting it, it looks better longer!!” another confused fan commented. Some fans feel like Savannah’s hair transformation was so long ago.

What are your thoughts on Savannah Chrisley? Do you think she looks better with longer or shorter hair? Sound off below in the comments.

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