Savannah Chrisley Helps Chase’s Pal Elliott Land His Dream Girl

Savannah Chrisley is offering to play match-maker on the new preview for Chrisley Knows Best. Elliot is Chase Chrisley’s best friend and he is looking for a girlfriend. Savannah offers to help him find love when she meets them at a pool hall. She tells them she expected to go somewhere more classy. Elliot says, “we’re on the prowl.”  He expresses he’s not closing any dates lately and asks Savannah for help.

Savannah wants to know if he wants to hook up or is looking for love. Elliot said he wanted a woman who, “works hard, has a lot of money, great skin, and someone I can bring home to my mother.” Savannah says at least he knows what he wants.

Savannah Chrisley Is Picking The People

Savannah Chrisley asks Elliot what his online dating profile looks like. He told her online dating is for him is hit or miss. Savannah offers to give his dating profile “a woman’s touch.” She thinks revamping his profile online will give him a better chance at finding his dream girl.

She tells him he’s a good-looking guy and shouldn’t have any trouble.  Chase is skeptical about Savannah giving him dating advice. He says he needs some popcorn and to watch what happens.  Savannah is happy to focus on someone else’s love life because so many people focus on hers. When they first meet up in the clip, the boys are playing ping pong. Elliot tries out some pick-up lines.

He says, “hey is your face in pain because you look like you fell from heaven.” He asks Chase if that’s a good one. Elliot also tells Chase as a wingman he’s the “Bonnie to his Clyde.” Chase says, no they dated. Elliot maintains they are as close as they are.

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What Do Fans Think Of Eliott’s Chances?

Fans commented on the preview with Savannah Chrisley’s generous offer. She looked chic in a green skirt and a tucked-in comic t-shirt. Fans enjoy Elliot on the show. One said, “Elliot you need your own show. You are hilarious.” Another fan said, “I think Elliott is so cute. I love his sense of humor.” While Elliot does need help, the Chrisleys aren’t necessarily banner examples of success in dating. Savannah called off her engagement, Lindsey is getting divorced, and this is Todd’s second marriage.

Of course, there were several comments that Savannah and Elliot should date. It seems Savannah is allegedly back with Nic Kerdiles and Elliot is her brother’s friend which would make things very awkward. What do you think of Savannah as a match-maker? What type of woman do you think Elliot would be compatible with? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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