Savvy hack sees mums turn Ikea play kitchens into functioning ones and now toddlers are making their own meals

 MOTHERS have led a new trend for turning kids’ IKEA play kitchens into fully functioning real ones, meaning youngsters aren’t just playing make-believe but are learning valuable real life skills too.

Tiktokker Tyne Appleton was one of the parents who tried – and she videoed her attempts to inspire others.


Mother Tyne Appleton shares her mini-kitchen handiwork on TiktokCredit: @mommatyne/Tiktok

The “pretend” kitchens have attracted some controversial opinions for their impracticality in the past, with one reviewer arguing, “They are expensive, they are huge and they breed clutter – kids don’t need fancy, mini pretend versions of practical tasks.”

Yet, by making a few adjustments, children can soon be using them to create their own meals – and where’s the waste in that?

Though most mums have never even attempted the hack, it’s easier than it sounds.

Captioning the video, “Turning an IKEA play kitchen into a functioning kitchen for my toddler”, she then took viewers step-by-step through the process, starting with “dual [taping] a cutting board on top of the stove”.

Then, with the cunning use of a power tool, holes were drilled into the plug section of the sink to transform it into a real one.

Plus a large jug of water placed in the kitchen cupboard beneath the sink and connected to the tap at the top with a power tool means her toddler can get free-flowing water at the touch of a button!


He also has customised accessories, such as his own brightly coloured plastic cutlery and “kid-friendly knives”.

The conclusion? “He loves it!”

The idea wasn’t for everyone, with one viewer laughing, “If I did this for my toddler, the water would be everywhere!”

Yet others loved the idea so much they wanted to snap up the cute miniatures for themselves, with one claiming, “I would have been so happy to have one of these when I was younger!” and another joking, “I’m 16 and I want one in my room now!”

Although the play kitchens were never intended for preparing real meals, why not make a few tweaks to turn the fantasy concept into reality?

Tyne's toddler tries out his adapted play kitchen


Tyne’s toddler tries out his adapted play kitchenCredit: @mommatyne/Tiktok

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