Scientists Find Out Why Crows Are More Likely to Die from Trucks than Cars

A team of researchers was on an accident statistics review that was ongoing in a small town where a particular crossroad had an excessively high number of dead crows. These crows were hit by motor vehicles that go through that road.

Further, the research also concluded that these crows are killed by trucks and not by cars. The scientists have also observed that while scavenging, the crows leave a sentinel in the nearest tree that can alert the crows when there is a danger.

Binding all observations and statistics, the team of researchers submits the report to the people of the town. The townspeople are not satisfied with the report. They didn’t trust the report and called for more accurate research.

The town head has approached a local university that can help them better. The university agreed and sent a few experts. The expert scientists showed up looking all smart and ready for work in their dark suits, shiny shoes, and glasses. This has made the townspeople confident that the report would be perfect this time.

The university scientists have started their research. They were seen doing an investigation kind of search where the crows have fallen. They have even read the report made by the previous scientists. After making all observations, the university scientists have submitted the report within one day.

Shocked by the swift action, all the town members have gathered to read the report. They are all happy and satisfied with the way the research turned out. They expressed gratitude and felicitated the university scientists.

After seeing all this fuss, the previous bunch of scientists became curious to know what the report has concluded. They visited the town to read the report. And it simply read “The problem was that when vehicles approached, the crow could shout “cah!” but could never say “truck!”.

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