Season 5 Episode 3 “Are The Stars Out Tonight?”

Tonight on the Hallmark Chanel Chesapeake Shores airs with an all-new Sunday, August 29, 2021, season 5 episode 3 and we have your Chesapeake Shores recap below. On tonight’s Chesapeake Shores season 5 episode 3 called, “Are The Stars Out Tonight?”  as per the Hallmark Channel synopsis, O’Brien Construction’s eccentric billionaire client, Evan Kincaid, comes to town and throws Abby and Mick off their game. Stars Robert Buckley and Meghan Ory.

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In tonight’s Chesapeake Shores episode, Megan tries to get the family to help pick a center piece for Jess’ wedding. Everyone is busy however, running out of the house to work. Abby is worried about a job site bing shut down while Bree is worried about her new job.

At work, Connor finally gets to leave the office and work on a case he is interested in. He heads to court. Megan and Mick find a rare paining in town created by an artist who seems to have disappeared. Meanwhile, Kevin’s boss calls him by the wrong name when they discuss the town’s triathlon.

Abby calls Evan Kincaid again as she walks through town. She cannot seem to get through to him. She leaves a message. She runs into her uncle. They make plans to meet later.

Connor is called on in court and comes through for his firm with a great argument. His superior is thrilled. Back at home, Mick and Abby finally speak with Evan Kincaid who makes plans to travel to Chesapeake Shores unexpected. They are both surprised. Meanwhile, Megan calls the artist who created the painting she bought. He doesn’t want to talk and hangs up on her.

Mick talk with his brother at The Bridge. He then meets Mick’s old school classmate. Mick offer shim a job. After, Mick asks Abby to talk to him first next time about offering property for rent to his brother.

Connor returns to court for day 2 and makes another argument. Across town, Abby and Mick meet with Evan. He is friendly and talkative. He is riding a hover board and gives it away right in front of them to a construction worker. He shares that he plans to stay in town for a few days.

Back at the office, Connor sees the man who has accused his father of wrongdoing. He is walking with Connor’s superior. Bree meets with her nemesis, they walk and talk and actually get along. He explains how t=The Great Gatsby changed him.

Kevin fixes Megan’s bike. She tells him about the artist she called. Meanwhile, Evan calls Abby to tell her he isn’t going to build her after all. She is furious.

Connor confronts his boss about the man she was walking with. She tells him he won’t be anywhere near that case and not to worry. Across town, Kevin helps Bree get ready for her class. She is nervous. She tries out a few introductions. Meanwhile, Megan tracks down her artist and knocks on his door. He is not friendly and cannot believe she bought his painting.

Luke confesses to Mick he is out on parole. He got into a bar fight and almost killed a man. Luke runs off, thinking Mick is done with him. Mick is all about chances. He just wants honesty.

Abby tracks down Evan at putt-putt golf. She shares her case as to why he needs to build here. After she gives him her speech, he bets on putt-putt. She is in shock. He will think about it. Later, he shows up at Abby’s. He wants her to run his project since she is truthful to him. No-one else is. She agrees.


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