See Photos Of Michelle Duggar’s Reaction To Jed & Katey Pregnancy 

Photos of Michelle Duggar reacting to news of Jed and Katey’s pregnancy announcement have surfaced. And, her facial expressions in the photos have fans REELING. These photos have been making rounds on both Reddit and Facebook. They can also be found in an Instagram post published by Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball. 

Jed and Katey Duggar announce pregnancy during a baseball game

Several members of the Duggar family were spotted at a Naturals Baseball game. Excited fans snapped a lot of photos of the family. As we previously reported, Jim Bob Duggar has been blasted for neglecting his granddaughter Meredith in some of the photos. Fans noticed she was not wearing any shoes. And, they felt it was extremely neglectful of Jim Bob given the pandemic and being in a very public place.

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According to Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, there were tons of members of the Duggar family at this event where Jed and Katey announced their pregnancy. Some of the family members in attendance included:

  • Jim Bob and Michelle
  • Joy Anna & Austin
  • James
  • Josie, Tyler, Jennifer
  • Josh and Anna’s daughter Meredith

Katie Joy added there were also two little boys hanging out with the family. But, it was unclear who the boys were.

See Michelle Duggar’s hilarious reaction to the big news

Counting On fans admit the facial expressions of Michelle Duggar in the photos taken as Jed and Katey announced their big news was hilarious. The first of many photos featured Jim Bob’s wife looking like a deer caught in headlines with wide eyes as shock rushed over her face. Michelle Duggar was also photographed in the middle of an excited gasp as she learned another Duggar baby was on the way.

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Fans attending the baseball game also snapped photos as the Duggar clan gathered around Katey and Jed to celebrate their good news.

Given how many photos of the Duggar family attending this baseball game have surfaced in the past couple days, Jed and Katey’s sudden pregnancy announcement isn’t too surprising. Chances are pretty good they wanted to get the news out there before someone overhearing the big news that was in attendance of the game spilled the beans

What do we know about Katey and Jed’s pregnancy?

Jed and Katey took to Instagram about two hours ago to announce their pregnancy. The couple also posted a 10-minute video announcing their pregnancy on YouTube. Presently, we don’t know a lot about the upcoming baby. Just that it appears to be fairly early in the pregnancy. And, that the baby is due in Spring of 2022.

Are you surprised Jed and Katey are already pregnant? What did you think of the photos of Michelle Duggar’s reaction to the news? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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