Self check-out or cashier: TikTok video reveals which one is actually quicker

People have left divided over TikTok video which reveals which type of check-out is the fastest.

TikTok user @maxklymenko took to the video sharing app to reveal that, despite popular belief, human check-out is actually quicker than self check-out.

Although most of us feel that self check-out is faster, he claims this is all just in our heads!

He explains that because because we are more active during a self check-out, we feel like it is faster than waiting at a cashier’s line.

Describing this experience as “Warp Waiting”, Max explains that the science behind it does make sense, as when you’re actively involved in the transaction, it feels faster.

Watch the full video below:

@maxklymenkowhich one do you prefer? 🤔 and WHY? 👀 #learnontiktok #psychology #business #supermarket #psychologytricks

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However, some commenters didn’t full agree with Max’s explanation.

Speaking about the self check-out counters, one user wrote, “They’re quicker because there’s always more of them than manned checkouts”, while another added, “A friend of mine tested it last week, I was way faster and I was taking the self scan.”

Some people were in favour of going to a cashier, writing, “I prefer someone else do the checkout simply because I don’t want to take away jobs from people”.

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