Singleton uses custom stamp with contact details to let men know she’s interested

Dating apps can be a tricky business with unreliable hook ups, cat fishing and cheesy conversations.

So, to help her skip the awkward online chat one young woman came up with a clever way to let men know she was interested.

Taylah Munro said that she hadn’t had a committed boyfriend in years, but hates using apps to find dates.

So, she came up with the idea of “stamp and go” – she thought it would be “funny and different” and help her meet a bloke.

The 27-year-old nightclub hostess from London now stamps the men she likes the look of with her contact details.

She bought the customised stamp online for £20 and it says “MY TYPE vanillatrilla1 DM me.”

Taylah said: “I thought it would be funny and different. No one has time to be going up to people like ‘hey, you okay? What’s your phone number?’ Sometimes people walk past you and you never see them again.

“I was going to a festival the next day and I was thinking ‘surely there’s going to be loads of good looking guys there’.

“I was thinking if I just get a stamp, it would be like ‘stamp and go’.”

Her pals found the stamp hilarious

A video of Taylah stamping a “stunning” guy quickly went viral on TikTok.

She added: “[After getting the stamp] I went to the festival and didn’t see anyone that was worthy of a stamp and didn’t end up using it.

“But I went out that night and the boy in the video is actually the only person that I stamped.

“After that, we started talking in the club and exchanged phone numbers. We’ve been in contact since. The guy doesn’t actually live in London but I guess we’ll stay in touch.”

But, since people discovered her trick she’s added that men have been trying their luck and falsely claiming she’s stamped them.

Plenty of men have looked Taylah up from her stamp
Plenty of men have looked Taylah up from her stamp

Taylah said: “I told my close friends, my group chat, as soon as I ordered it.

“I was like ‘girls, you’re going to die at what I’ve done’. I sent them the order confirmation. They were like ‘this is the funniest idea you’ve ever had. We’re so excited to see how this pans out’.

“I’m quite outgoing and do these random funny things anyway, so they obviously found it funny, but they said ‘this is so typical of you’.

“I’m trying something new. I’ve been single for years. I’ve obviously dated but there hasn’t been someone who I’ve called my boyfriend in a few years. I can’t do dating apps. I need to meet people in person.”

She added: “It’s a good ice breaker because not everyone sees that every day. They might be like ‘oh my god, that’s crazy. What made you think of that?’ Then you’ll get talking regardless.

“I probably have about 10 different types. Someone who really catches my eye.

“You’re going to see thousands of good looking people every day, but it’s different when someone really makes your head turn.”

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