‘Sister Wives:’ Janelle Brown Has A Temporary New Houseguest

Janelle Brown is opening up her home to a temporary houseguest. Or, her RV, rather. The Sister Wives star is living in an RV on the family’s Coyote Pass property. Fans are constantly debating if she’s overseeing the construction of the long-awaited project or if she’s simply down on her luck. At the very least, Janelle Brown has a temporary houseguest to keep her company. 

Sister Wives Star Creates ‘Honey-Do’ List For Husband? 

Credit: Janelle Brown/instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/instagram

So far, Janelle seems to enjoy the RV life. However, she is constantly discovering new things about the nontraditional way of life. For example, she recently found that the big box store Walmart has an entire aisle dedicated to RV-related products.

She shared a photo of the aisle at her local store. The photo shows camping products, such as water hoses, biodegradable toilet paper, and other RV necessities. In the caption, she revealed that the RV aisle has replaced the housewares department as her go-to aisle. 

While in the RV section, Janelle found and bought a showerhead for the RV shower. She noted that the showerhead is supposed to improve water pressure and use less water. However, she needs some help getting it installed. 

She wrote that her husband Kody will be the one to install the showerhead. This prompted a humorous response from one of her followers about Kody’s “honey-do” list. The list must be neverending with four wives, the follower quipped. 

Credit: Janelle Brown/instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

Janelle Brown Welcomes Houseguest 

The Sister Wives star lets fans of the TLC show into several aspects of her life. In her most recent post, she shares the news of her temporary houseguest. She’s dog-sitting her son Gabe’s dog, Obi.

She shared a photo of the dog relaxing in the grass on the huge property. She wrote that the dog is “living his best life today.”

One fan took to the comments to ask if Gabe was busy on one of his modeling jobs. Is Janelle’s son a model?? 

Wait, WHAT? Gabe’s a Model? 

Janelle Brown took to her Instagram last week to share a hilarious case of mistaken identity. While school shopping with her kids, one of the advertisements made her do a double-take. One of the models looked like her son, Gabe. Did he get a secret modeling job? 

Many of Janelle’s followers agreed that the model looked just like Gabe. However, it turns out it’s just a lookalike. But still, Janelle couldn’t help but have fun in response to the fan’s jest about her son’s secret modeling career. 

Credit: Janelle Brown/instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

Janelle Brown didn’t say why her houseguest is staying with her. She does keep some things to herself. One thing Sister Wives fans are dying to know is if the show will return to TLC for another season. Season 15 wasn’t well-received, particularly Kody’s treatment of Meri Brown. 

Check back with us for updates on the Brown family. 

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