Sisters who had not seen each other in over 20 years have finally reunited

Brittany Bigley, 31, and Amanda Stiles, 29, revealed their storey earlier this month. When the girls were younger, they lived together in foster care, but when Bigley’s biological father took custody of her in 1993, things changed.

Stiles was adopted by a foster family, and the two parted ways. The sisters knew each other growing up, but obstacles like legal name changes and living in different states kept them apart.

Bigley told FOX News about the experience, saying, “There were multiple occasions during my early adult life when I felt discouraged and that I’d hit a dead end.”

Her optimism would rise and fall over time, and she eventually came to believe that none of her ideas would lead to anything substantial. However, owing to social media, her fortunes changed.

Bigley posted a video to YouTube describing her hunt for her long-lost sister. She was offered assistance by one of her father’s ex-girlfriends. Because she worked in the foster care system, they were able to gain access to new information.

Bigley was eventually informed of her sister’s new surname. This allowed her to immediately locate Stiles on Facebook. Bigley took her time because she didn’t know how much Stiles knew about her history.

Bigley inquired if Stiles was aware of a sister named Brittanny. Bigley confirmed that this was her sister when she replied affirmatively.

Stiles informed Bigley that she, too, had been seeking for her. They’d never been able to connect before, but now they could. They started chatting online and met in person for the first time in March 2017.

Bigley shared her┬ásentiments, calling the encounter “indescribable” and “surreal.” They both sobbed and relished the hug they’d been anticipating since they were children.

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