‘Skint’ mum discovers child cutting up money and sticking Queens face on dolls

Facebook user, Victoria Ingham went upstairs to check on her daughter Esme to find that her child had taken a liking to a pair of scissors along with a £20 and £5 note.

Victoria explained in the post, “So, come upstairs to find our Esme has cut up 25 quid, absolutely gutted because I am a skint student.”

The cheeky child had other ideas for the money as the mum carried on to explain, “Anyways, look up to see that she’s cut the Queen’s head out to stick on her dolls.

“Dunno whether to laugh or cry, all I know is I am absolutely skint so donations are welcome.”

To add to the hysterics, the little girl told her mum: “I had three dolls mam but you only had two monies mam”.

Victoria Ingham realised her daughter had cut up money to play with!

Despite being £25 down, Victoria saw the funny side of the situation, sharing pictures on Facebook of her daughters dolls with Queen Elizabeth’s face attached to their heads, she said “I am howling.”

The initial post has been shared over 18,000 times and has racked up 15,000 likes, where amused Facebook users took to the comment section to offer advice and share their relatable stories.

One user said: “Tape the note back together as best as you can and send it off to the Bank of England.”

Another commented: “My daughter has done this, bless them.

“My husband took an hour to sellotape it back together. Bank exchanged for a new note.

“They told me as long as it’s got the serial number on they’ll take them. They’re little devils, but it’s a good job we love them.”

Money fail
Many told the mum to tape the notes back together

A third user didn’t see the funny side and felt that the child should be “scolded”.

They commented: “ Make her repay it out of her birthday and Christmas money. They have got to learn.”

One of Victoria’s friends started a GoFundMe after seeing the funny post. Currently, the fundraiser is at £155, plentiful more than the £25 that was sacrificed for little Esme’s dolls.

The chuffed mum said she will be donating all the money to the children’s ward at The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, as she is soon to be a qualified nurse herself and “has seen 1st hand the effects of Covid” so wants to give back.

Whether you would laugh or cry, you cannot fault the child for their creativity.

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