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Looking for a show with sunken treasure, international diplomatic intrigue, and a sexy Stanley Tucci? Based on a new trailer, AMC+’s La Fortuna might be your jam.

La Fortuna Trailer

It looks like Tucci will play a greedy plunderer who wants all that old gold for himself. Spain, however, has other ideas, and Álex Ventura (Álvaro Mel), a young and inexperienced diplomat, will try to stop him. It looks like Mel’s character will also make friends and find love along the way, which is nice.

The trailer also has strong Titanic vibes when Tucci takes his deep-sea submarine to the wreckage. Given Tucci references Titanic directly, I’m sure this was intentional. Will Mel’s diplomat find a love connection like Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet)? If so, I hope it doesn’t end with his lover pushing his dead body into the ice-cold sea. (At the very least, it would be a warm sea, since the water off of Spain is warm…I think?)

Here’s the official synopsis for the miniseries:

In La Fortuna, Álex Ventura (Álvaro Mel), a young and inexperienced diplomat, unintentionally becomes the leader of a mission that will put all his convictions to the test: to recover the sunken treasure stolen by Frank Wild (Stanley Tucci), an adventurer who travels the world plundering items of common heritage from the depths of the sea. Forming a unique team with Lucía (Ana Polvorosa), a combative public official, and Jonas Pierce (Clarke Peters), a brilliant American lawyer with a passion for old pirate tales, Álex sets out on the adventure of a lifetime, on which he learns about the importance of love, friendship and commitment to your own beliefs.

La Fortuna Will Play Across the Globe

In addition to Tucci, Mel, Peters, and Polvorosa, the show stars T’Nia Miller, Karra Elejalde, Manolo Solo, Blanca Portillo, and Pedro Casablanc. Alejandro Amenábar will direct all the episodes and shares writing credit with Alejandro Hernández.

Movistar+ is producing the series, which was filmed across Spain at locations including the Community of Madrid, Cádiz, Guadalajara, A Coruña, Zaragoza, and in the Spanish Government’s headquarters, the Palace of La Moncloa. The show will air exclusively on Movistar+ in Spain and on AMC and AMC+ in the United States, Canada, Latin American, and the Caribbean.

No news on when specifically the show will air in the U.S., except that will premiere on AMC+ sometime this winter.

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