Stefanie ‘Baby G’ Gurzanski SIZZLES In Black Lingerie For BODE Cover!

Supermodel and social media influencer Stefanie ‘Baby B’ Gurzanski is melting down the internet after sharing several behind-the-scenes photos of her upcoming magazine cover!

The massive influencer leaked a few images from her upcoming cover shoot, before deleting the pictures. But, of course, she has millions of followers who snapped up the photos and started posting them online. The photos will run alongside a highly anticipated interview with BODE Magazine where she will reveal an inside look into the life of one of the most sought-after influencers.

See Baby G’s Mind-Blowing Photos!

FAME By Sheeraz

As you know, Stefanie has almost 2 million Instagram followers and has had a long history with collaborations with high-end fashion brands, and is becoming one of the biggest names in the industry. Baby G rose to fame after landing a series of high-profile magazine covers like Vogue, Elle, Maxim, Playboy, and Cosmopolitan. So, this new issue will add to her already stunning record of overshoots.

Baby G’s Journey Into Modeling Revealed!

Baby G’s interview with BODE is pumping up fans on social media after it was leaked that she will be very candid about her “journey into modeling” and will reveal what she is “most unapologetic for.” Stefanie’s fans are flooding her Instagram asking questions and hoping to get a sneak peek at what she will be divulging in the interview.

Stefanie 'Baby G' Gurzanski Sizzles In New BODE Magazine Cover Shoot!
FAME By Sheeraz

As we reported, Baby G’s global fan loyalty is obvious after seeing her blow up the runways this summer at Miami’s ‘Swim Week.’ During the event, top fashion brands were reportedly clamoring to work with the influencer and have her promote their products.

Plus, in the past few months, Baby G has been linked to several other massive influencers and big Hollywood stars who it appears she is preparing upcoming collaborations. The good news, she is using her fame and fortune to raise large sums of money for women empowerment-focused charities too.

Baby G Is Raising Huge Amounts For Women’s Empowerment

Stefanie 'Baby G' Gurzanski Sizzles In New BODE Magazine Cover Shoot!
FAME By Sheeraz

We broke the story, the supermodel is raising funds for MADRE. The organization is one of the world’s largest women’s rights organizations. “I can’t say much to be honest, but my team and I are really excited about a few massive collaborations right now. It might be one of, if not the biggest of my entire career…The reason I’m so energized and passionate about this one is that all the profits are going to support an amazing women’s rights organization. I can’t reveal the details just yet, but will do it soon! I know with my platform I can help this amazing charity help protect millions of women around the world,” she told us.

BTW — Baby G is also considering joining the next card for a mega social media boxing match. As you know, Stefanie is in incredible shape and couldn’t be a contender in any match. The best part…she will donate the purse to MADRE. “Nothing is set, but the officer is pretty great,” a source told The Blast.


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