Stefanos Tsitsipas Booed by US Open Crowd for Long Toilet Break

  • Stefanos Tsitsipas was booed by US Open fans after taking another lengthy bathroom break.
  • The Greek had angered Andy Murray with his extended breaks during their first round match. 
  • “I haven’t done anything wrong, so I don’t understand,” Tsitsipas said. 

Stefanos Tsitsipas was jeered by fans at US Open crowd after taking a lengthy bathroom break during his second round match, while Andy Murray continued his attack on the Greek star on social media.

Murray was angered by Tsitsipas’ extended bathroom breaks during their first round match on Monday, which Tsitsipas won. 

The Scot accused the 23-year-old of “cheating” to the umpire, while after the match, he said he had “lost respect for him.” Murray even mocked him on Twitter. 

“Fact of the day. It takes Stefanos Tsitipas twice as long to go the bathroom as it takes Jeff Bezos to fly into space,” tweeted Murray. “Interesting.”

The post was shared by Nick Kyrgios, who wrote: “Hahahahahaha.”


Against Adrian Mannarino on Wednesday night, Tsitipas looked to be cruising into round three when he took a two-set lead.

However, after dropping the third set, he left the court for more than seven minutes, prompting an angry reaction from the crowd at the Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Upon returning, the world No. 3 took the final set 6-0 to secure victory.

“I haven’t done anything wrong, so I don’t understand,” Tsitsipas insisted after the win. “The people love the sport, they come to watch tennis. I have nothing against them. I love the fans.

“But some people don’t understand. They haven’t played tennis at a high level to understand how much effort and how much difficult it is to do what we are doing.

“Sometimes we need a short break to do what we have to do.”

He then tried to fire back at Murray by suggesting the three-time Grand Slam winner had taken similar breaks during his career, but was quickly shut down by a reporter.

“Can you please check when Andy Murray faced Novak Djokovic at the final here, before the fifth set, that break, can you please look it up and let me know next time?” he asked, according to The Times of England’s Stuart Fraser.

The reporter replied, leaving Tsitsipas red-faced: “I did, it took less than three minutes.”

Murray then tweeted early Thursday morning: “Did anything interesting happen overnight?”

Tsitsipas faces Carlos Alcaraz Garfia in Friday’s third round. 

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