Street Outlaws: Gone Girl: Female Auto Racing Series Coming to Discovery+ – canceled + renewed TV shows

Get ready to see the female side of street racing in a brand new series coming to Discovery+. Street Outlaws: Gone Girl, a new spin-off of the Street Outlaws franchise, is set to premiere next month on the streaming service. Seven women from different backgrounds will be featured on the series as they race through Las Vegas.

Discovery+ revealed more about the upcoming series in a press release.

“Street racing is a motorsport with no barriers – if you can drive and you’re fast, then you can take home the win. In an all-new discovery+ series, STREET OUTLAWS: GONE GIRL, the fastest female drivers from around the country converge in Las Vegas to pull off the ultimate street hustle – speeding away with as much cash as possible and some serious street cred.

STREET OUTLAWS: GONE GIRL launches Monday, September 6 on discovery+. Viewers can join the conversation on social media by using #StreetOutlaws: Gone Girl and following Street Outlaws on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Seven of the fastest women in street racing are ready to rev into high gear and do what they do best – drive fast and win. With a passion for speed running through their veins, these are the best drivers in the country, and they’re ready to show the world who’s the boss lady. But there are no fancy cars, tricked out engines or big tires for these women. They’ll be racing in straight-up street-legal cars – and killing the competition nonetheless.

While the women have different backgrounds and driving styles, the seven racers have one thing in common: they have a need for speed. Featuring some familiar faces from Street Outlaws – including the MSO’s Mama Hen Tricia; Queen of the Streets, Precious; Wild Card racer, Chelsea and No-Prep King champ and drag racer, Lizzy Musi – along with some new drivers in the street racing game – the Ax Lady Sarah Roach; Las Vegas local, Armani Johnson; and team Wyoming driver Courtney Anton – STREET OUTLAWS: GONE GIRL will follow these women on one wild ride as they turn up the heat in Las Vegas and leave the competition in the dust.”

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Street Outlaws franchise? Do you plan to watch Street Outlaws: Gone Girl on Discovery+?

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