Tattoo model who covered 98% of body in ink shares rare before picture
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Tattoo model who covered 98% of body in ink shares rare before picture

Tattoo model Amber Luke shared a rare throwback picture with her Instagram followers.

The 26-year-old turned back the clock by posting a snap of herself before she was covered in ink and piercings.

In the racy bedroom snap from years ago, the influencer wears an unbuttoned shirt and lacy underwear.

She has tattoos on her neck, arm and thigh – but her torso is a completely blank canvas.

Amber, from Brisbane, Australia, looks fresh-faced with minimal makeup and has kept her hair a natural shade of blonde.

The photo is world’s apart from what the alternative model looks like nowadays.

Amber Luke shared this rare throwback picture on Instagram

Through the years, Amber has altered her appearance with body modification.

She’s covered 98% of her body in ink, as well as getting piercings on her face, body and even crotch.

The influencer has also braved gruesome procedures.

She’s had her tongue split into a fork, ears stretched and eyeballs inked a bright shade of blue.

Another big change is her hair, which she’s dyed to match her vibrant peepers.


Amber after covering 98% of her body in ink
Amber after covering 98% of her body in ink
Amber Luke before tattoos
Fans gushed that Amber looks gorgeous before and after her transformation


Amber’s fans were gobsmacked by her transformation, with more than 2,400 of them liking the snaps.

One commenter gushed: “Absolutely beautiful then and now.”

Another said: “I love the transformation! You’re beautiful.”

A third wrote: “Attractive then and very attractive now!”

And a fourth added: “What a great set of pictures.”

Amber Luke
Amber revealed she has changed mentally as well as physically

As well as changing her appearance, Amber’s mindset has changed.

The model was diagnosed with clinical depression at 14 and struggled to feel comfortable in her own skin.

Previously, she told the Daily Star: “I felt very unlike myself. For years I was living in a body that I hated…

“I hated the feeling I felt when I was her.”

Thankfully, the model’s mindset changed when she found her passion for body art.

She uses the modifications to express herself – and feels much more confident as a result.

Amber added: “I finally decided to stop self-hating and started loving myself instead.”

So what do you make of the dramatic transformation? Let us know in the comments below.

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