Teen Mom Chelsea Houska shows off toned stomach in new photo after pledging to ‘lose weight’ before 30th birthday

CHELSEA Houska flaunted her toned tummy in a crop top and leggings after setting a goal to “lose weight” by her 30th birthday.

The Teen Mom 2 star has been showing off her slim figure in revealing outfits after shifting her focus to her post-partum bod.


Chelsea showed off her toned tummyCredit: Instagram
She's been focusing on her post-partum fitness journey


She’s been focusing on her post-partum fitness journeyCredit: instagram

Chelsea, 29, took to Instagram on Thursday night to snap a photo of her fit physique ahead of her 30th birthday.

The reality star wore a white crop top, black leggings, white slides, and a baggy flannel shirt that gave fans a glimpse of her stomach.

The TV personality seemed to have returned to her original weight after giving birth to her daughter Walker in January with her husband Cole DeBoer, 30.

Chelsea captioned her shot: “Flannel season” as her long dark locks hung by her waist.


The MTV star has been open about her weight loss journey as she’s shared fitness updated with her fans throughout the process.

Earlier this week, the mother of four went for a run in a grassy field near her South Dakota farmhouse as she documented her workout.

Chelsea wore a white crop top and yellow leggings as she enjoyed a solo  “walk and run.”

However, the Teen Mom alum confessed that she was “so not a runner” after her excursion.


Recently, the young parent showed fans the “loose skin and stretch marks” on her stomach.

Chelsea admitted that the addition was a result of having four children over the last decade, Aubree, 11, Watson, four, Layne, two, and now Walker.

During an Instagram Q&A with her followers, the South Dakota native spoke about her personal experience with baby weight gain.

After one fan asked: “How did you lose postpartum tummy weight?” she explained how her body has changed with every child.

However, Chelsea lifted up her gray sweatshirt to reveal a flat stomach while getting real with some “postpartum stomach talk.” 

She admitted to having “a little bit of loose skin and some stretch marks on my front” and added that “most of my stretch marks are on my side.” 

The brunette originally developed the marks when she gave birth to her oldest daughter, Aubree, but disclosed that ”they didn’t get worse with each baby.”


Chelsea has been putting in the work to make fitness her priority, and recently started a new tone-down program.

“I’m doing a 75-day challenge right now and with that, you work out 45 minutes every single day,” she told her social media followers.

“I just have been going really hard after I had Walker. I’ve been documenting the whole process and taking pictures. 

“Maybe I will share them one day if I feel comfortable,” she teased.

Chelsea shared the rules of the program, which asks that you “eat a healthy diet, work out 45 minutes a day, drink a lot of water, read 10 pages of a book, and only drink on social occasions.”

The TV star has been honest about her journey post-baby after many complimented her on quickly returning to normal.

“Also let’s keep it real, real lol.

“Wanna keep it open and homey this post-partum journey. The belly still chillin,” she assured her followers.

Chelsea and Cole welcomed their daughter Walker in January


Chelsea and Cole welcomed their daughter Walker in JanuaryCredit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram
She's been working on her fitness routine ever since


She’s been working on her fitness routine ever sinceCredit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram
She flaunted her toned tummy just seven months after giving birth


She flaunted her toned tummy just seven months after giving birthCredit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska
Teen Mom Chelsea Houska flaunts slim figure in tight leggings after showing fans her ‘loose skin’ from four pregnancies

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