Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd’s daughter Ryder, 4, screams with joy as mom’s boyfriend Zach Davis surprises her with a puppy

TEEN Mom Cheyenne Floyd’s daughter Ryder screamed with joy as her mom’s boyfriend Zach Davis surprised her with a puppy.

The couple shared the arrival of their newest family member on their vlog capturing the moment they introduced the French bull dog to the four-year-old.


Ryder screamed with happiness when Zach surprised her with a new puppyCredit: Our CRAZ Family /YouTube
Zach originally planned to gift her the French bulldog for Christmas but said he couldn't wait


Zach originally planned to gift her the French bulldog for Christmas but said he couldn’t waitCredit: Our CRAZ Family /YouTube

The video began with Zach dropping the news that the dog was being transported from San Diego and was set to arrive later that evening.

Cheyenne’s fiancé then detailed how he planned to reveal the puppy to Ryder including a box neatly wrapped with a bow on top.

Cheyenne, who was sitting on the couch with her sleeping three-month-old son, Ace, chimed in to clear up fans’ questions about the previous dog she had gotten for her daughter.

“Ryder and the dog did not get along,” she explained saying that she brought the dog to a dog trainer for six months who was unable to train the dog as well.

“The dog was untrainable,” said Cheyenne who admitted that she didn’t care to own a dog, but agreed to Zach’s request to get another one.

The couple also revealed that they decided to get the puppy for Ryder as a Christmas present, but Zach was too excited to wait.

While the toddler was at swim lessons, Zach ventured out for supplies including dog food, a bed, and toys for the pup.

He also documented the dog’s arrival – who was originally named Toy – as he was delivered in a small blue carrier by the breeder.

Zach continued to record as he brought the dog inside to capture Ryder’s reaction.


Zach placed the dog down on the floor in front of Ryder’s bedroom and called for his soon-to-be stepdaughter to come out.

At first glance at the little one, Ryder screamed in excitement saying “I knew it was a puppy!,” before running over to pet him.

The video continued with Zach and Ryder cuddling the dog both gleaming with happiness.

“Christmas came early. We couldn’t wait,” Zach said while the two bonded with their new furry friend.

The family then contemplated over a name for the puppy, debating between the names Danger and Deuce.

“I’m in love with him,” beamed Ryder as she repeatedly thanked her almost stepdad for the gift. “I always wanted a baby. This is awesome!”


The pair continued to film their beginning days with the dog, asking for fans’ help in settling on a name.

Fans gave their thoughts in the comments, gushing over the cuteness throughout the video.

One commented: “I love watching your family. The love you all have, warms my ♥️”

While another wrote: “Special Loving Family❤️ The father and daughter relationship with Zac and Ryder is so special 😍”

Cheyenne shares Ryder with her ex Corey Wharton.


The 28-year-old and Zach got engaged during the couple’s teddy-bear themed baby shower, just weeks before welcoming their youngest child back in April.

Zach, 30, shared the news on his Instagram stories as he filmed Cheyenne flaunting her stunning engagement ring.

The huge diamond shimmered in the daylight and featured a band covered in smaller diamonds.

He also got a diamond ring for Ryder, proving the strong bond the two have.

Cheyenne wrote in her stories: “Still not over that he got both me and Ryder rings. He knows this is a package deal.”

The family asked for their fans' help in deciding on a name for the puppy


The family asked for their fans’ help in deciding on a name for the puppyCredit: Our CRAZ Family /YouTube
Cheyenne and Zach got engaged during their baby shower for their son


Cheyenne and Zach got engaged during their baby shower for their sonCredit: Cheyenne Floyd/Instagram
Zach gave both Cheyenne and Ryder diamond rings for the occasion


Zach gave both Cheyenne and Ryder diamond rings for the occasionCredit: Instagram @thatsryderk
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