Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slams fans who claim she has ‘alcohol problem’ & says she’s ’29 & can drink if she wants to’

TEEN Mom’s Jenelle Evans insisted she doesn’t have an “alcohol problem” and slammed fans claiming she does.

The 29-year-old reality star replied directly to followers calling her out for always having a “drink in her hand” in videos.

Jenelle Evans slammed fans who claimed she has an ‘alcohol problem’Credit: Tiktok/ Jenelle Evans

The Teen Mom said she's 29 years old and can drink if she wants to


The Teen Mom said she’s 29 years old and can drink if she wants toCredit: Tiktok/ Jenelle Evans

Taking to TiKTok, Jenelle plucked out someone’s comment about how she switched to wine, instead of her usual of beer, but that wine’s still alcohol.

After making a face and wild hand gestures, the Teen Mom sarcastically asked: “And your point is?”

She continued: “Y’all, I was born in ’91. So, let’s do the math. I’m 29 years old. I can drink. If I want to switch to wine from beer, I’m gonna switch.

“I don’t care if y’all know because I don’t have an alcohol problem. That’s why I don’t care.

“So for you to constantly bring this up, I don’t know your point.”

At the end, she told fans that she doesn’t “really give two f**ks” what they think about how much she does or does not drink.

Many didn’t seem to believe her, though.

One Reddit user pointed out: “That’s a whole lot of anger for someone who ‘doesn’t give two f**ks’”

Another said: “If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t take the time to post replies to everyone 🙄”

Jenelle shared another TikTok comment she received by someone who tried to explain the point fans were trying to make, writing: “Maybe the point is you drink too much? Every video you post you have a drink in your hand!”

The mother of three replied: “Y’all act like you know when I eat, when I drink, when I sleep, when I take a s**t.”

She then got sarcastic again and said: “But the point of the video is, I switched to White Claw again. I got this cool, glitter koozie. Let me show you in the sun.

“Y’all should really just enjoy life, relax a little bit, have a drink.”

Back on Reddit, another user told Jenelle: “A video ranting about how much you don’t care just shows that you really do care Jenelle, it shows people have really gotten under your skin.

“So take your own advice and relax.”

One wrote: “So she is drinking at dawn in the end? It’s sad she think these videos help in her defense.”

This comes after Jenelle made a TikTok about how she loves wine now and has been drinking it a lot more lately.

Fans also accused her of drinking “every day” after she shared a video of her sipping a can of alcoholic drink White Claw while dancing and cooking on a barbecue.

Fans flooded the comments criticizing the mom-of-three for drinking after complaining of her health issues.

One user wrote: “Aggravating all those health problems by drinking daily… okay.”

Another person wrote, “Don’t drink alcohol. No wonder you aren’t getting better.”

Fans accused her of drinking 'every day' and that it isn't good for her


Fans accused her of drinking ‘every day’ and that it isn’t good for herCredit: Tiktok/ Jenelle Evans

Jenelle responded to these comments and said she doesn't care about their 'opinions'


Jenelle responded to these comments and said she doesn’t care about their ‘opinions’Credit: Tiktok/ Jenelle Evans

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