Teresa Giudice Unfollows Margaret Josephs: Why the Heck Are They Feuding Now???

We have already heard about the mess going on both on and off camera as The Real Housewives of New Jersey films.

Previously, Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs had seemed to be playing well together … to the detriment of Jennifer Aydin.

Now, Tre and Margaret are clearly on the outs — with Teresa unfollowing Margaret on Instagram, which fans quickly noticed.

It turns out that Margaret crossed a line with Teresa … not by going after Jennifer, but by nosing into Tre’s boyfriend’s business.

Real Housewives are well known for their seasonal group trips.

This time, the ladies went to Nashville to film their drama with a different background.

It was there that Teresa unfollowed Margaret, setting off alarm bells and piquing curiosity among fans.

RHONJ s11e13: Teresa Giudice is gonna blow her

An inside source spoke to All About The Real Housewives about what viewers can expect to see when all of this airs.

“The season will begin with an epic feud between Margaret and Jennifer,” the insider shared.

Jennifer also had beef with Melissa Gorga and Jackie Goldschneider at the end of Season 11, which spilled over when this season began filming.

Margaret Josephs Sits with Jackie Goldschneider

As Season 12 began to film, Jennifer found herself iced out of multiple group events.

While on-camera feuding can be great for TV, feuding so intense that you get iced out of social gatherings is the opposite.

These ladies weren’t just unhappy with Jennifer. By not inviting her, they were trying to give her the boot from the series.

RHONJ s11e13: Jennifer Aydin eats sushi awkwardly

But Jennifer wasn’t banned from everything.

At one event, Jennifer was reportedly confronted by her castmates.

The topic? It was claimed that her husband, Bill Aydin, had been stepping out on her.

Margaret Josephs Feels Betrayed

“Margaret reveals a rumor about Bill cheating on Jennifer years ago,” the insider explained, “which ends up being true.”

“Of course, Jennifer doesn’t initially react very well,” the source dished.

“But the ladies take it a step further,” the insider continued, “by doing things purposely to shut her out.”

jennifer aydin bad behavior 04

Now, Jennifer and Margaret reportedly did mend fences … eventually.

Melissa and Jackie then followed suit and made nice with Margaret, too.

But Margaret is still said to be on the outs with Teresa, and she knows that this wedge could be her ticket to staying on the series.

Margaret Josephs is Furious

“Teresa and Margaret have been feuding the last two weeks,” the insider explained.

“Marge has been in Teresa Giudice’s boyfriend [Luis] business,” the source revealed.

“And,” the insider detailed, Margaret “has been saying things that are getting back to Teresa about him.”

RHONJ s11e13: Teresa Giudice at the table

“Teresa has had enough of Marge talking about her relationship,” the source shared.

“And,” the insider continued, “the two have a blowout in Nashville.”

It is this blowout fight “which ends up with Teresa unfollowing Marge and wanting nothing to do with her.”

RHONJ midseason trailer - Margaret Josephs vs Joe Gorga

“Marge keeps bringing up rumors she has heard about Luis and continues to bring attention to those rumors,” the insider dished.

It sounds like Dolores, Melissa, and Jackie are currently at peace, among themselves and with others.

There is a new Housewife in the group, and while we don’t know her name, the inside source described her as “likable.”

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