Terry Crews recreates ‘White Chicks’ dance scene on ‘AGT’

Terry Crews is making his way downtown — all the way to the “America’s Got Talent” stage. The comedian re-created his iconic scene from the 2004 comedy “White Chicks.”

The scene was done alongside the backdrop of early aughts slow-pop queen Vanessa Carlton’s song “A Thousand Miles.” Crews portrayed intense but sweet sports star Latrell Spencer, who fell in love with Marlon Wayans’ character when he was dressed up as a “white chick.”

Crews, 53, is a current host of “AGT” and shared a clip of himself getting jiggy with it on Twitter while he was on stage, keeping his audience entertained with the improvised dance as the crew was setting up to shoot the show. “Always ready for this song! The perfect #AGT audience hype song! @VanessaCarlton #AThousandMiles,” Crews tweeted.

The clip has since scored more than 70,000 views so far. Many users commented on their love for the “Everybody Hates Chris” star. One wrote, “LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! loved it when you did this number in ‘White Chicks’ and love it more so now!!”

Another added, “Let’s be real it’s your song at this point!” A fan added, “I love him! He can really entertain you with some laughs. He has that song down [pat].”

“Daaam you got the moves!” squealed one online fan.

This isn’t the first time the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star has performed to the song. Crews did a fun re-creation of the moment during a 2015 episode of Comedy Central’s “Lip Sync Battle.” He was up against fighter Mike Tyson and Crews pranced around in his memorable white suit and lip synced to the lyrics.

Crews revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last year that he did the scene with Wayans in the car in just one take. “Every move you see, everything had been choreographed to a T. I was doing that in my hotel room for weeks, and I remember sitting there thinking about the head move, because it was like ‘da da da’ and all of a sudden I was like, ‘Oh man, wait until they see this!’” he said.

“I actually thought it would be too much, and I tend to think that. I used to not get roles so many times because casting agents used to say that I was just too big for movies, because I would just overdo it. But with this, there was no overdoing it,” Crews added.

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