The Best Leg-Strength Training Exercises

First up in this roundup of the best leg-strength training exercises, there are good ol’ squats. These can be done with bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, or machines, and there are numerous variations — including a barbell back squat and front squat, a split squat, and a hack squat, as demonstrated by

In today’s day and age, many have traded in gym memberships for home gyms (or at least for a couple of dumbbells and a yoga mat in the living room). There are definitely some challenging moves that can be done at home, with a few simple pieces of equipment. For instance, with a stability ball, you can do a glute bridge, hip thrust, and hamstring curl, and with resistance bands, you can do a lateral walk and lateral step-out squat (via Women’s Health)

To further strengthen the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and beyond, there is a box jump, as seen on, and there are lunges, which also help train balance.

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