The Dairy Queen sign offers a $2,400 bonus to new employees, but others say it’s a ruse

This month, a lady shared a video of a Dairy Queen sign advertising a $2,400 sign-on incentive for new employees. The video soon sparked a heated debate online, with many advising the woman to avoid the job. Businesses around the United States have been brainstorming innovative strategies to attract employees. Many visitors were drawn to Dairy Queen’s banner advertising a sign-up bonus for new employees.

A woman shows viewers that she is considering a Dairy Queen job because of a sign offering people a $2,400 bonus | Photo: TikTok/randa_lauryn

Citizens, on the other hand, were cautious about believing what the sign was given. While the video board indicated that new staff would earn a $2,400 bonus, netizens were concerned.

Netizens respond to a video of a woman considering signing up for a job at Dairy Queen | Photo: TikTok/randa_lauryn

Commenters react negatively to video of a woman who is considering signing up for a job at Dairy Queen | Photo: TikTok/randa_lauryn

The video shot outside of a Dairy Queen showed a young woman pointing to the sign. With hundreds of reactions, @randa Lauryn’s clip drew a lot of attention online. However, many people expressed their skepticism that employees would be paid the stated amount.

Online community members react to a video of a woman who shows a Dairy Queen sign offering people a bonus | Photo: TikTok/randa_lauryn

Some people pointed out that businesses that needed to force people to work for them raised red flags. Many netizens agreed, saying that such incentives were only necessary for hazardous settings.

One user described it as a “great sign,” but they didn’t believe Dairy Queen would deliver when it came time to pay. However, it looked like the TikToker was still exploring the position. So when a netizen indicated that they might accept the job and then quit once they received the bonus, she responded.

Despite all of the criticism and comments recommending that the lady and people, in general, should leave Dairy Queen employment, a few users pointed out that others don’t have a choice.

A netizen noted that, regardless of employment conditions, people must sometimes “hustle.” These incentives may be appealing to many individuals, but a glance at the comments area may cause citizens to reconsider.

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