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Fantastic Four Updates: The Fantastic Four will surprisingly line up with Marvel Cinematic Universe which they had never done before due to their complicated right issues which have been reverted back to the Marvel Studios after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, as a result of which they are able to bring their first family in the next chapter.

Since the development of Fantastic Four has been confirmed, fans are counting days for the confirmation of the casting of the franchise’s iconic heroes: Mr. Incredible, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, and The Human Torch.

Though fans had been talking about John Krasinski and Emily Blunt to play Mr. Fantastic and The Invisible Woman, the debate overcasting the Human Torch has been a top discussion with numerous names being suggested by the fans. From them, Dacre Montgomery from Stranger Things might be a choice for The Human Torch.

In the meantime, artist Carpal has transformed Montgomery into Johnny Storm with his amazing skills. The fanart shows Montgomery suited up in the iconic blue and black Fantastic Four uniform and the character’s signature flames without which the art would be incomplete. It’s incredible to see Montgomery in Johnny Storm’s look and seems that he can prove to be the perfect choice for the character.

Fantastic Four The Human Torch

The Fantastic Four

No confirmation has been provided regarding Dacre Montgomery’s joining in the MCU with a role in the franchise’s upcoming Fantastic Four movie as Marvel keeps casting news a top-secret. However, there have been reports suggesting Montgomery is very much on Marvel’s radar.

In 2020, reports said that Montgomery was a possible option for bringing Wolverine into the MCU as he expressed his interest in the role on social media. Later that year, Small Screen reported that Montgomery was in talks to star as The Human Torch in Jon Watts’ upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

As there is no confirmation or further information following the original reports, it seems promising that there are rumors circulating that Marvel is interested in working with Montgomery. It’s clear there seems to be an interest from both parties in working together, which seems to bode well for those hoping to see Montgomery join the MCU. Now let’s hope those rumors turn to reality, as we’d love to see Montgomery suiting up as the MCU’s Johnny Storm!

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