The horrific real life murders that inspired American Horror Story season 10

AMERICAN Horror Story fans may not be aware that some of the disturbing episodes were in fact based on real life events.

The spooky anthology television series created by Ryan Murphy show has actually been inspired real murders, including the Black Dahlia case in season one and Hotel Cortez aka the Cecil Hotel.


American Horror Story has been inspired by real life killersCredit: Alamy
Character Harry Gardner is compared to serial killer Antone Costa


Character Harry Gardner is compared to serial killer Antone CostaCredit: FX Channel

In the first episode of Double Features, the writers hint to the real life elements with a specific line of dialogue.

As the Gardener family toured their new home in Provincetown, Harry mentions hearing something about a family from Truro who were recently found dead in their beds.

Rumours suggested that the victims had their throats torn by a animal-type create.

However, the estate agent confirms this is not true.

This moment suggests that one of New England’s most famous serial killers – Antone Charles ‘Tony’ Costa.

Costa was a handyman who committed several murders in Truro and was suspected of killing eight women during a murder spree.

He was convicted of Patricia Walsh and Mary Ann Wysocki’s murder – committed around ten-minutes from where Double Feature is set.

The press dubbed Costa the ‘Cape Cod Vampire’ because there were bite marks left on each of his victims.

The similarities to this case is very clear, fans know that Provincetown is plagued by vampires that require blood.

Their victims are then covered in bite mites, hinting at a striking comparison to the Costa case.

Costa famously wrote about taking pills and LSD frequently.

In episode one, Harry takes some “tragic magic little black pills” that help him write his book.

The drugs transform him into a vampire creature with a unrecognisable personality.

Harry’s ghoulish lifestyle draws comparisons to Costa’s life, minus the supernatural elements.

It will be interesting to see how Harry’s storyline will replicate Costa’s life in the rest of the season.

Costa was convicted of two murders and sentenced to life in prison at Massachusetts’ Walpole Correctional Institution but just four years later he killed himself.

Despite this not being a direct retelling of Costa’s life, it may hint an equally gruesome ending to Harry in the hit show.

Will Harry face a gruesome ending?


Will Harry face a gruesome ending?Credit: FX Channel
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