The Killers Are Already Discussing Another New Album That’s ‘Heavier’

Today marked the release of the latest album from The Killers, Pressure Machine, which arrives just under a year after its predecessor, Imploding The Mirage. Believe it or not, the band is already talking about yet another new album.

A new NME interview with group notes that they have apparently been working on some “orphan songs” as Dave Keuning’s San Diego and are “figuring out” their next album. Brandon Flowers noted of the material, “It’s a little bit more canyon rock, maybe a little bit more traditional Killers, I guess.”

Vannucci described the music as “a bit heavier and more clench-fisted” than Pressure Machine, saying, “We were messing around on the stage for a virtual show the other month and it felt like there was this rock n’ roll thing happening. I could see us going in that direction: something a bit more energized.”

He also noted that after some band members have had various levels of involvement with the band’s endeavors in recent years, everybody wants in on what’s next; Keuning did not performing on Imploding The Mirage, while bassist Mark Stoermer wasn’t involved with recording Pressure Machine due to COVID precautions.

“I’m just supposing here, but I think the whole COVID thing made people realize how good they have it,” Vannucci said. “There have been some really kind remarks that I’ve never heard from the guys before that made saying, ‘Hey, I don’t want to not be on a record any more – so let’s do this.’ We’re very sobered up from the experience of being locked away. I do think that all four of us are going to be on this next record. We’ve already started messing around a bit, so that’s good.”

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