‘the Parent Trap’ Stars Reunite to Recreate Movie’s Iconic Moments

  • 1998’s “The Parent Trap” is a classic, nostalgic movie for many with plenty of iconic moments.
  • Meredith actress Elaine Hendrix and Chessy actress Lisa Ann Walter reunited to recreate one of them.
  • They recreated the moment where Meredith rings a bell to get Chessy to bring her martinis.

Elaine Hendrix and Lisa Ann Walter had a reunion on TikTok to recreate an iconic moment from their classic 1998 movie “The Parent Trap.”

In the movie, starring Lindsay Lohan as scheming twins who swap places with each other to find out more about their parents, Hendrix played Meredith Blake — the new 26-year-old fiancé of the twins’ older

father, played by Dennis Quaid. Meanwhile, Walter played Quaid’s onscreen housekeeper, Chessy.

In one of the many hilarious moments in the movie, Meredith rings a bell and shouts “Chessy!” The housekeeper then trudges outside and says, “You rang?” before Meredith asks her to make some martinis.

This moment was perfectly recreated beat for beat by Hendrix and Walter in a new TikTok video viewed nearly 5 million times. At the end of the video, Walter shakes her head at the camera before breaking character and laughing. 


Compare the recreation to the original scene below:

Sadly, Quaid and Lohan weren’t there to join in on the reunion fun.

However, Hendrix spoke to Insider about her role in the movie ahead of the film’s 23rd anniversary back in July and said that she and Quaid had “tremendous chemistry.” 

Although the actress was only 26 while filming, her onscreen love interest, Quaid, was 44. But Hendrix didn’t mind the difference.

“One of the generalized differences between men and women is that boys mature later and girls mature earlier. So I think I was sort of an older 26,” Hendrix explained.

Hendrix also spoke about how her character Meredith “weaponized her femininity,” and how younger generations are now finding this “appealing.”

“She knew she could use her youth and beauty to get what she wanted,” Hendrix said.

“The Parent Trap” also starred the late Natasha Richardson and Kat Graham.

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