The real price to recreate some of the most iconic bathrooms in TV and Film

From the purple walls in Friends to the giant tub in Pretty Woman, bathrooms have been the scenes of some of the most iconic TV shows and films over the years – whether that be action, comedy and drama.

It’s where stories are told, relationships develop and where characters go to unwind – looking at you Chandler Bing…

But what if you could recreate some of these classic designs within your own bathroom?

Victoria Plumbing has given the lowdown as to what instalments you would need to duplicate some of the most recognise bathrooms in showbiz and the cost of them.


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When it’s purple it can only mean one thing – Friends.

It’s safe to assume that the hit comedy series remains to have one of the most famous sets of all time – with the bathroom having some memorable scenes over the ten series – from Chandler discovering his love for bath salts and his boat in the episode “The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath” to Joey famously gauging a hole in Monica’s dingy floor, and Phoebe discovering Rachel’s pregnancy test.

While we can’t guarantee yours will be full of such comical Friends moments, you can recreate the 90s look.

To match the retro style, free-standing baths are a great place to start (and like many 90s trends, they’re making comeback). A Burlington Georgian Mirror will also help you keep your Rachel Green hair looking on point, (who knew, layers would make a comeback in 2021?)

Cost to recreate: £1,777.57

Pretty Woman

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Let’s be honest, we all had bathtub envy when watching Julia Roberts submerged herself in all those bubbles while listening to Prince in the gold-accented tub.

But now you too can recreate this iconic setting if you have enough space for the Burlington London Bath with Curved Surrounds which can hold all the bubbles you would need to imagine you’re bathing in the penthouse of the Beverly Wilshire, in Beverly Hills – just like Julia’s Vivian Ward.

Golden fixtures on Large Heritage Basin and Washstand and Burlington Gold Towel Ring will only add to the vintage Hollywood glamour as displayed in the 1990 film.

Stick some Prince on and soak.

Cost to recreate: £4,793

Sex and The City

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Carrie Bradshaw living out the New York dream plenty of us would fantasise about – but now you can be one step closer by refurbishing your bathroom in her signature style.

With the hustle and bustle of city living, the columnist is always too busy chasing her next story – and Mr Big – to spend too much time soaking in the tub, and so understandably her bathroom reflects practicality more than style.

Of course, space in New York is a luxury therefore her minimalist bathroom, which includes a timeless Steel Enamel Bath and Corner Shower Baskets does the job at making the most out of the small space.

With the ever-rising costs of NYC living, it’s a good thing these bathroom pieces are timeless.

Cost to recreate: £981.81

The Simpsons

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Perhaps one of the most recognisable cartoons ever – The Simpsons’ family bathroom features some popular design choices over the years.

The pistachio green as seen on the toilet, sink and bath has been one of bathroom stylists’ most popular colours in recent years.

It’s been the setting for some storylines over the past 33 seasons of the show such as Homer famously losing, then quickly regaining, most of his weight on the bathroom scales, Maggy getting locked in the bathroom to Krusty and his monkey even poping around to enjoy a quick soak.

So if you wanted a nod to the famous cartoon family – then a Pistachio Toilet Seat would be the way to go.

Cost to recreate: £665.85

If that’s got you inspired to renovate your bathroom, here is a list of the most expensive bathrooms in TV and Film:

  1. Harry Potter: Gryffindor Bathroom – £6,096.74
  2. Scarface: Tony Montana’s Bathroom – £5,968.23
  3. Pretty Woman: Hotel Bathroom – £5,013.07
  4. Home Alone Bathroom – £2,769.30
  5. Austin Powers’ Bathroom – £2,401.65
  6. The Shining Bathroom – £2,321.42
  7. Russian Doll: Maxine’s Bathroom – £1,892.46
  8. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Bathroom – £1,654.23
  9. Friends: Monica’s Bathroom – £1,747.57
  10. The Holiday: Iris’ Bathroom – £1,296.80
  11. Sex and The City: Carrie Bradshaw’s Bathroom – £1,129.30
  12. The Simpsons’ Bathroom – £745.85
  13. Girls: Hannah’s Bathroom – £562.14
  14. Pulp Fiction: Vincent Vega’s Restaurant Bathroom – £398.15
  15. Trainspotting Bathroom – £99.95

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