The Real Reason Colin Jost Is Asking For Privacy Amid His Big News With Scarlett Johansson

Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson have welcomed their first child together! Jost made the official announcement on Instagram, just days after confirming that his wife was pregnant. “Ok, ok we had a baby,” Jost wrote. “His name is Cosmo. We love him very much,” he wrote, rounding out the first of two slides. “Privacy would be greatly appreciated,” he wrote in the second slide. The caption for Jost’s post was also entertaining, and consisted of three hashtags. “We got away with it for a long time,” read one hashtag. “No kids policy,” read another. “We’re going to Disney World,” was the third. Jost did not share any additional details about his son’s birth, nor did he share a photo of the baby.

Jost’s “no kids policy” hashtag supports the movement started by actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. According to Huff Post, the No Kids Policy “was a call to action for not just publications, but also consumers. Earlier this year the couple rallied to get news outlets to stop sharing, buying or posting photos of celebrities’ children taken without consent.”

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