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The ‘South Park’ Creators Really Bought Casa Bonita After all

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone really are taking a bunch of money they made from the show and doing their best to make real life a bit more like their cartoon universe. While a marijuana grower based on one a character created in canon hasn’t come to fruition just yet, things are looking up for fans of authentic Mexican food in the state of Colorado.

Word came Friday that Parker and Stone did, indeed, make good on their offer to buy their beloved Casa Bonita. The restaurant featured in Season 7’s 11th episode is a real-life attraction featuring cliff dives, a treasure cave and live music. And now its fate lay in the hands of the animators that made it word famous.

The sale completes a wild fortnight of speculation about the fate of the restaurant beloved by Parker and Stone. They first mentioned they’d like to buy it last month while its parent company dealt with bankruptcy proceedings. While the place remained closed, a fan petition to let the duo buy the place gained steam despite its owners saying they had not reached out to actually buy the place.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter, the deal is now done.

The duo, who grew up in Colorado, were interviewed on Friday by Gov. Jared Polis where they broke the news.

Afterward, Parker told The Hollywood Reporter the deal had closed that morning. “We bought it,” he told THR. “It just feels natural.” Financial details were not disclosed, but Parker called the final price tag “fair.”

It’s unclear just how quickly the two can get the place up and running, but it’s sure to be a South Park-themed attraction when it does reopen. Parker claimed that the final sale would take place in the coming months, as the restaurant’s parent company is still in bankruptcy proceedings that started in April. But it’s certainly something to look forward to for fans of the show planning a trip to Colorado anytime soon.

(via THR)

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