The ‘Sweet Girl’ Filming Locations Are Loyal to the Movie’s Setting
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The ‘Sweet Girl’ Filming Locations Are Loyal to the Movie’s Setting

As one of Hollywood’s top leading action stars, Jason Momoa is no stranger portraying characters who are taking on some of the world’s biggest threats. In his latest film, Sweet Girl, the actor is playing Ray Cooper, a man going up against Big Pharma.

When his wife, Amanda Cooper (Adria Arjona), dies from cancer because a pharmaceutical company called BioPrime chose to pull a lifesaving drug off the market as a business move, Ray decides to seek revenge. He investigates what went wrong, and he zeros in on the BioPrime CEO, Simon Keely (Justin Bartha).

As Ray gets more involved in trying to find out what happened, he puts himself and his daughter, Rachel Cooper (Isabela Merced) in danger. However, in a huge twist (which we won’t spoil), viewers will learn that nothing is as it seems.

The Netflix film takes place in Pittsburgh, Penn., but did it actually film in the Steel City?

The ‘Sweet Girl’ filming locations include notable Pittsburgh landmarks.

In Sweet Girl, Ray and his daughter are based in Pittsburgh — though the movie was originally going to take place in New York City. Director Brian Andrew Mendoza shared to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that he looked at both locations, but he felt like Pittsburgh was a better fit.

“There’s story in Pittsburgh. You can feel it on the walls, on the buildings, in the streets,” he explained. “I loved the fact that as soon as I scouted Pittsburgh, I knew that was the city to tell this story because our character was a blue-collar character. I love the angles the city has, the Downtown, the outskirts. It’s a really cinematic city.”

In press notes for the film, per Decider, Brian confirmed that about “80 percent” of the scenes in the film were actually shot in and around the Pennsylvania city.

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The film featured scenes that took place in areas that would be recognizable to any Pittsburgh resident, like a station for The T, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Roberto Clemente Bridge, and PNC Park (which is where the Pittsburgh Pirates play).

The few scenes that were not shot on location in Pittsburgh were filmed in Los Angeles, Calif.

Because the movie features large, maskless crowds, viewers may be wondering when production for Sweet Girl first commenced.

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