The Swimwear Line Madelyn Cline Can’t Get Enough Of

Madelyn Cline looks like a beach goddess both on and off-screen, and one of the main ways she achieves this signature style is by investing in the right products. In conversation with Glamour, Cline discussed some of her favorite items, including the swimwear line she essentially lives in during the summer. “This summer I’ve been living in swimsuits from a brand called Aro,” she said. “I just did a collab with them, and they’re super comfortable. They’re all sustainably made fabrics and just the comfiest swimsuits I’ve ever worn.”

To really make sure you’re nailing Cline’s look, opt for a swimsuit in one of her preferred styles. “I usually go for a sporty cut or a classic skimpy triangle. I don’t like weird tan lines!” Cline said when describing her favorite options from the brand. If you’ve already gotten some weird tan lines that need to be evened out before you try on your new bikini, TikTok swears by the Isle of Paradise self-tanner. Throw on a little bronzer and you’ll be feeling like a beach babe in no time.

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