‘the Walking Dead’ Season 11, Episode 3 Breakdown and Analysis

Negan warns Maggie that they can’t be on any roads, which feels like a direct callback to the season six finale when his character was introduced on the show.

Negan likely speaks from experience on Sunday’s “TWD” because he used similar tactics to the Reapers when he led the Saviors.


On Sunday’s episode, Negan suggests to Maggie and Alden that they stay off the roads to avoid the Reapers who attacked, and separated their group.

“We can’t be on a road,” Negan warns Maggie and Alden, before adding, “We can’t be on any roads that they could use.”

Negan sounds like he’s speaking from experience, not as someone who had to do the running, but as the former leader of the Saviors who blocked off just about every single access road to Rick’s group on the season six finale before making his entrance onto “TWD.”

The episode’s title, “Hunted,” is exactly what Negan and his Saviors did to Rick and Maggie’s group. They menacingly hunted them down (for killing Negan’s men) until they captured and lined them up for Negan.

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