There was no aftercare when I had miscarriage, says EastEnders’ Lacey Turner as she backs our campaign

EASTENDERS star Lacey Turner says she would never have become a mum had she not turned to private medicine to find out why she suffered two miscarriages.

Women can get NHS tests only after losing three babies in a row.

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Lacey Turner sadly suffered two miscarriages – and turned to private medicine to find answers as to why

Lacey, as Stacey, with Jake Wood as Max Branning, in EastEnders in 2007


Lacey, as Stacey, with Jake Wood as Max Branning, in EastEnders in 2007

But Lacey could not contemplate another pregnancy without first getting answers.

That is why she is today backing the Miscarriage Of Justice Campaign we launched this month with baby charity Tommy’s.

It calls for improved care for women after EVERY miscarriage. And you can help by signing the Tommy’s petition, right.

Lacey, 33 — Stacey Slater in Albert Square — said: “If I’d not gone private I’d probably still have no babies.”

A specialist pinpointed her problem and Lacey has since given birth to daughter Dusty, two, and six-month-old son Trilby with husband Matt Kay, a barber shop owner.

Lacey, who returned to work the day after her first miscarriage, added: “There wasn’t really any aftercare.

“I was told that I’d had a miscarriage and that was it.

“I really felt quite overwhelmed and lost during our miscarriages. We found ourselves confused.

“We had no explanation, just a sudden feeling of the excitement of having a baby to feeling completely empty and lost. To go through that once is hard enough. Earlier doctors’ advice and support would have helped.

“We were lucky enough to go to a private specialist. Everyone should have that opportunity.

“It’s great that the subject of miscarriage is becoming less of a taboo subject. There are great charities which can help.”

Tommy’s, the largest charity in the nation carrying out research into the causes of miscarriage, would like the NHS to prescribe progesterone as standard.

Sign the petition

When she went private, Lacey was given the hormone, which can help the body hold on to a pregnancy.

She said: “The NHS is incredible but it needs more funding in this department.”

Lacey has asked for a donation to be made to Tommy’s in return for this interview.

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