This American Woman On TikTok Reveals British Insults She Never Heard Before

An American living in the UK shared her hilarious impressions of British insults on TikTok.

The post was uploaded by¬†@yorkshirepeach¬†and is captioned: “American in the UK: British insults I’d never heard until I moved here.”

You can watch the video here

She starts by saying the word ‘w***ker’ but ends up pronouncing it as ‘waynkur’.

After a few tries she starts to sound like a proper cockney – ‘wanka’.

Next, she moves onto the next insult, which is ‘b**lend’.

Quite straight forward that one and she seems to have no issues.

The TikToker laughs and admits: “Why did it take me three years to learn what that meant?

“I never heard that before I moved here.

“It’s funny when you think about it, innit.”

I mean if she’s already saying ‘innit’, I imagine she’s fitting in very well.

She also admits that she’d never heard the term ‘wet lettuce’ before and to be fair, you have to have the right kind of accent to pull that one off, I think.

She added: “Have you ever thought it through?

“How bad is wet lettuce, has anyone ever served you a salad and it’s a bit soggy.

“There’s nothing worse than a soggy salad is there?”


The viral TikTok was posted last month (8 August), racking up over 1.7 million views and 209,000 likes.

One user wrote: “Here in the UK you can pretty much use anything as an insult. I’ve called someone a cheesecake before.”

A second added: “Its not British unless you put ‘whatta absolute’ before [bell] end.”

While a third revealed: “Pillock is one of my all time faves.”

I quite like the sound of that one, might start using that more.

A final user said: “My favourite is ya tuna melt.”

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