This video of 108-year-old women holding her great-great-granddaughter has gone viral

In a heartwarming video, a 108-year-old woman met her two-week-old great-great-granddaughter and held her close to her.

Seeing her great-great-granddaughter for the first time, Ruth Violet said, “She’s such a little thing.” While holding her, she added, “Oh, just to hold you is wonderful.”

In the video, posted by It’s Gone Viral on Facebook, Ruth can be seen holding the newest member of her family, calling her wonderful and wishing she got to be more around her.

The little baby’s mother can be seen in the video telling Ruth that she would bring her over all the time, so that the old woman gets to spend time with her.

The Facebook post reads “Her reaction is so beautiful!”

Talking about her own kids, Ruth says she doesn’t remember them as newborns. “I can’t remember, imagine a hundred years back!”

The video further reveals that the middle name of the newborn would be Ruth too. “Well, that’s what I’ll have to call her because I don’t remember the other name,” Ruth says, referencing to the baby’s first name.


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