Three Pastors Reveal How They Divide Contributions between Themselves and God

Three pastors had a discussion about how they individually allocated church funds. They mostly talked about how much was to be given to God, church activities, and the funds for their personal use. 

The first pastor revealed that he placed everything on a table, closed his eyes, and prayed. After he was done with the prayer, he would throw all the money in the air, and whatever landed on the table was for God, but whatever fell to the floor was his.

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The second pastor also narrated how he made his own decision. According to him, rather than use a table, he drew a circle around him, and anything that fell in the circle belonged to God. However, if anything dropped outside the circle, it was for his personal use.

While the first two pastors explained how they did things, the third pastor paid attention but was not impressed with their decisions.

So, he revealed how he allocated the contributions in his church. He relayed that he did not use a table or circle; instead, his method was quite astonishing. The pastor said:

“After a prayer, I take everything and toss it in the air. All that belongs to God ascendeth.”


One morning, a pastor, an engineer, and a doctor were waiting for a very slow group of golfers. The engineer wondered what was happening, noting that they had waited for over fifteen minutes.

In agreement, the doctor exclaimed and pointed out that he had never seen such ineptitude. Next, the pastor sighted the greenkeeper named George and inquired about the group ahead of them.

Replying to the pastor, George noted that the group ahead was a group of blind firefighters. According to George, the group had lost their sight while saving their Clubhouse and were always allowed to play for free.

A young man playing golf. | Photo: Unsplash

A young man playing golf. | Photo: Unsplash

After a moment of silence, the pastor confessed that the story was a sad one and made it known that he would say a special prayer for them.

The doctor concurred with the pastor’s idea and said he would contact his friend who was an ophthalmologist to find out if he could be of help. Then the engineer said, “Why can’t these guys play at night?”

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