TikTok is reeling over this woman who called the police for her son’s bad haircut

TikTok is reeling over a woman who called the police on her son’s barber after he gave him a bad ‘do.

Massachusetts barber Robbie, known as @robbiethebonehead on TikTok, posted the video of the insistent woman, dialling the police after he cut her son’s hair “too short”.

Woman calls police on barber for bad hair cut. TikTok
The woman called ‘911’ after claiming the barber cut her son’s hair too short. (TikTok / @robbiethebonehead)

“Look at this lady, wasting my day,” he says in the TikTok.

“For a ‘bad haircut’ that I gave her son. That he asked for.”

In the caption of his video, Robbie, who works at Boneheads Barbershop in Massachusetts called the woman a “Karen”.

The woman who appears to be on the phone turns her phone screen around to show that she has indeed called ‘911’.

Robbie continues filming the lady, calling her a “whack job”.

Speaking on the phone, the woman asks the police, “Can you tell him to get away from my face?”

“No I won’t,” Robbie replies.

“You will,” the woman quips, before walking towards her car, still on the phone with the police.

Barber's follow-up video about woman calling 911. TikTok.
In a follow-up video, Robbie explained that the woman’s son appeared to have no issues with the hair cut Robbie gave him. (TikTok / @robbiethebonehead)

The video has stunned TikTokers, already sitting at 812,000 views after being posted on Monday.

“When are people gonna realise that 911 is for emergencies? And not for complaints,” one TikToker ridiculed in the comments.

“Shaking my head, I hope she’s fined for wasting people’s time. It’s literally hair at the end of the day. It will grow back. If the service was bad, write a review,” another added.

“Call the police over a haircut, they’d never come,” a third person mused.

“They came and they were baffled!!!,” Robbie replied to the comment.

In a follow-up video Robbie explained that the woman’s 17-year-old son had visited his barbershop and requested a “high and tight” haircut, which is typically a short buzz on the sides, with more length on the top.

According to Robbie, the teen also requested that the top of his head be cut down with a number two clipper.

“I literally stop and go ‘bro, a number two’s real short,'” he said in the video.

The barber says the teen appeared to have no issues with his cut, having said nothing during the entire experience and even tipping him at the end.

Robbie continued: “Twenty minutes later, his mum comes busting in the door…

“‘Ah it’s too short, it’s too short'”, Robbie imitates the woman, “‘I’mma sue you, I’ll see you in court'”.

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