Tom Brady Gives The Buccaneers A Fiery Start In 2021 NFL

After witnessing Tom Brady’s brilliant performance at the NFL 2021, the whole world currently believes that leaving the Patriots was indeed the right move for his career. After all, just look at the form in which he was playing. It was so great that it makes fans wonder if he could grow even bigger as a Buccaneer.

Before the NFL 2021, people thought Tom Brady was in decline. However, with his performance, everyone is seeing him getting better with time. Brady no longer seems to be falling off a cliff. Instead, he is atop Mt. Everest with nowhere else to climb. 

As Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have already retired, it is right to say that Tom Brady has outlived his contemporaries. Furthermore, his stunning performance is worth making people believe that he might stand a chance to win MVP. There is also no reason why you shouldn’t believe Brady can’t play until he turns 50.

Are the Circumstances in Favor of Tom Brady?

Take a look at the NFL odds from the best sportsbooks, and you will see that the circumstances are obviously helping Tom Brady is putting up a swoon-worthy performance.

Tampa’s D was a vital part of the team’s effort to win the trophy. In order to overcome all the disadvantages they faced at the end in New England, this time around, D was surrounded by skilled position players. However, despite how great he was with the Patriots, the system, Bell Belichick, and the Patriot itself were used to discredit his success. But the whole world knows that he was the man in Tampa. And, his presence is what resulted in Gronk’s renaissance and Antonio Brown’s resurrection.

Furthermore, with his extraordinary personality, he became more likable, which made him feel like a larger celebrity. However, that wouldn’t have meant anything if not for his performance to back it up. At this point, there is no point in doubting Tom Brady capturing ring number eight.

At the age of 44, Tom Brady looks smarter, better, and more physically perfect than he ever was. His knees appear healthy, and his comfort level with his receivers seems to be getting better (at least it is comparatively better compared to last season). Of the two early throws, one was directed to Rob Gronkowski, and another deep throw headed through to Antonio Brown. These throws, along with the pinpoint back-shoulder throw to Chris Godwin, showed what this offense was really capable of in this season.

Everyone seems to be proud of Tom Brady this time. The head coach Bruce Arians said, “No doubt we were going to go win the game with him.” And the “him” coach Arians referred to here was Tom Brady.

Tom Brady Outduelled Prescott in a Wild Win

Like great teams always do, the Bucs on Thursday night had every chance to lose. In a single phrase, you can call the game Buc-Ugly. Everything was about it, from bad hands to bad coverage and bad penalties. This was the central part of the story that might have led to an embarrassing disaster for the Bucs against the good fortune-wrapped Dallas Cowboys, if not for Tom Brady’s engineered last-minute game-winning drive.

The Buccaneers had 11 penalties, four turnovers, and more than a half-dozen dropped passes. But they still won. Of the 50 passes across the 379 yards, Tom Brady completed 32 passes with four touchdowns and two interceptions in the Buccaneers’ 31-29 win over the Cowboys on Thursday, September 9, 2021. 

Tom Brady, the future Hall of Famer, and his Buccaneers teammates were aiming and struggling to be in the midseason form right with a nine-play, 94-yard march in the first quarter that ended in a five-yard touchdown catch by Chris Godwin. However, that was just the beginning of the battle.

Tom Brady’s skills will be strictly tested by the remarkable efforts of the opposite number Dak Prescott and his highly-skilled offensive teammates. Nevertheless, the 44-year-old Brady has the trio of Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, and Godwin to lean back on. When put together, they formed the 22-316-4 line for the night.

Right after his final touchdown throw of the contest, an 11-yarded to Gronkowski for the tight end’s second score halfway through the third quarter, Brady ultimately led the Buccaneers on an 11-play, 57-yard drive that started with 1:29 remaining. The game was also capped off by Ryan Succop’s game-winning 36-yard field goal.

The match on Thursday was nothing less than a fairy tale. One week down and one major fantasy-friendly performance under his belt, Brady will now be focusing on putting forward a comparable encore in the Week 2 home battle against the Falcons on Sunday, September 19, 2021.

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