Tom Selleck’s ‘Failing Eyesight’ Has Friends Worried About His Future?

Tom Selleck in a navy suit

Is Tom Selleck going blind? One tabloid insists the Blue Bloods star is “desperate” to hold on to his “failing eyesight.” Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Dark Days’ Ahead For Tom Selleck?

This week, the National Enquirer reports “aging TV tough guy” Tom Selleck’s eyesight may be failing him. The tabloid notes that the actor was spotted at a Los Angeles eyes specialist, leading the outlet to speculate about his vision. Additionally, the tabloid notes that Selleck is on medication for rheumatoid arthritis that can affect his eyesight. “That puffy chipmunk looks in his face is a sign of someone who’s been on steroids, commonly used to treat that condition,” a medical expert who has not treated Selleck dishes to the tabloid, “The side effects are cataracts and glaucoma — and in the worst cases it can lead to blindness!”

The magazine then notes that a source close to Selleck insists his vision has only worsened. But, the doctor goes on, “Neither glaucoma nor cataracts can be corrected with surgery, but glaucoma is a chronic condition that puts increased pressure inside the front of the eye. If not treated quickly and effectively, the increased pressure can damage the optic nerve permanently — leaving him blind!”

Tom Selleck ‘Bravely Battles Blindness’?

So, is it true Selleck is going blind? Of course not. The National Enquirer has been publishing bogus stories about Selleck for years. In fact, Gossip Cop traced Selleck’s history with the Enquirer all the way back to 1983 when the actor sued the publication for “making continuous false and defamatory statements about him.” We also found that the tabloid has been redoing this story about the actor going blind from arthritis medication since 2017. Gossip Cop even covered another version of it earlier this year. In investigating that report, we received word from a spokesperson for Selleck who called the tale “completely untrue,” adding that he’s “in excellent health.”

Since Selleck has been wearing eyeglasses for years, it’s no surprise that he makes the occasional trip to the eye doctor. Anyone with corrective lenses could tell you regular examinations are recommended to keep your prescription up to date. Furthermore, there isn’t a single credible report backing up the tabloid’s claim that Selleck has rheumatoid arthritis or is on any medication for it. But all of that is beside the point. Neither the tabloid nor the public has any right to Selleck’s medical information. It’s about time the Enquirer drops this obsession.

The Tabloid Has No Medical Expertise

But Tom Selleck isn’t the only celebrity the tabloid insists is suffering a health crisis. Once a celebrity gets up to a certain age, the Enquirer is bound to report they’re dying of one illness or another. Earlier this year, the outlet claimed Chevy Chase had only six months to live. The tabloid also reported Dolly Parton’s doctors feared the worst for her after a health scare. And the magazine recently claimed Whoopi Goldberg was “wilting” and was in “ill health.” Since all of these celebrities are doing just fine, it’s clear the Enquirer can’t be trusted on the topic of celebrity health — or celebrities at all, for that matter.

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