Transgender Man Gets Pregnant After Stopping Hormone Therapy To Conceive First Child

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard about a lot of bizarre things happening in this world.

But we bet you haven’t ever heard of a transgender man getting pregnant.

Yes, the news is the talk of the town, and it’s going viral like never before seen. One transgender man is revealing his pregnancy to the world and the reactions are driving the media crazy. Is this even possible? Well, apparently yes. After intentionally stopping hormone treatment, Bennet Kaspar-Williams, from California is elated as ever.

According to reports, he is expecting a healthy baby and he couldn’t be more joyful with the news. This California resident lives with his partner, Malik Kaspar- Williams. And just in case you didn’t know, he is a lawyer too. He became assigned as a female when he was born. And that means people actually identified him as something else.

Moreover, Bennet is actually a non-binary trans individual. And it’s some major news. Today, this man is happy and healthy. Did we mention his excitement regarding the baby’s arrival? It’s truly heart-melting, to say the least.

Source: PA Real Life

Men and pregnancy- is it possible?

While we agree that pregnancy and males don’t go hand in hand. However, that doesn’t mean that a trans individual can’t get pregnant. And in case you beg to differ, Bennet’s story is major proof.

Reports confirmed how he started stopping his hormone supplements in February of this year. And soon enough, he conceived his first child with his husband. Today, they await the child’s delivery, eager as ever.

The 36-year-old lawyer is an ‘assigned female.’ And that’s because that’s the gender that he was born with. Meanwhile, he also describes his tough phase in life. Yes, he struggled for nearly 10 years as a lesbian. And that’s when he finally came out as a transgender, the non-binary type.

Transgender man
Source: PA Real Life

The transgender man stops hormones to receive the joy of his life

So how exactly did the California lawyer get pregnant? Well, after officially getting the status of a transgender, he decided he wanted to begin a family with his husband.

Although getting surgery on his body’s upper portion, he didn’t undergo any procedure on his reproductive organs.

Hence, that meant Bennet needed to get on board with medication. This included hormone replacement therapy called testosterone. But if he wished to get pregnant, he needed to stop this therapy immediately.

And just as he did, he became pregnant. The couple is over the moon with the news and is expecting their first child by the end of this year. Above all, Bennet’s partner, who is an interior designer, is just as excited about the baby’s arrival.

Transgender man
Source: PA Real Life

The arrival of the ‘seahorse dad’

On a rather lighter note, Bennet is making headlines for some rather strange names. He calls himself the ‘seahorse dad.’ And the reason is obvious. He is referring to seahorse males that carry their babies. What a smart way to explore the unknown realm of male pregnancy.

Just as anyone else would, this transgender male couldn’t wait to share the news with his loved ones. And as expected, first in line was his mother. 63 year old, Lori Kasper, is also a lawyer and a mother. At first, she became very shocked. However, with time, she got super excited about the news too.

Transgender man
Source; PA Real Life

Bennet does reveal how his mother found it hard to grasp the concept of his initial identity. Moreover, this news sent her heart racing too. But overall, it was a truly unforgettable ordeal.

Regarding his transgender man pregnancy, the ‘seahorse dad’ is keeping rather still. And with the pandemic going on, he wants to avoid all uncomfortable situations. But with news like that, it’s obvious how people will stop and stare.

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