Tributes for Amy Schulkins after car found near Bribie Island, Sandstone Point

The wife of a woman missing for eight months has braced family and friends for the worst, after the mum-of-five’s car was pulled from water.

The wife of a mother-of-five who was missing for eight months has paid tribute to her soulmate, saying she will “never be whole again”.

Amy Schulkins vanished from Caboolture on December 30, sparking a mammoth, months-long search effort which culminated in her car being found submerged in water off Sandstone Point on the weekend.

Police have yet to confirm whether there were remains found inside belonging to Ms Schulkins, but her wife Rebecca braced family and friends for the worst.

“Police are yet to confirm, what we regretfully expect is our Amy also with the car,” she wrote in a tragic Facebook post.

“Just 10 days short of eight long months of the unknown.”

Rebecca thanked the 30,000 members of Facebook group ‘The official search team for Amy Schulkins’ who had been part of the search for her wife.

“My beautiful wife Amy, you are my soulmate. The happiest moments of my life are with you,” she wrote.

“Of all the amazing times we had together, and all the times we never will … I love you forever and ever.

“A piece of my heart went with you. Our time was cut short, and although I’ll never be whole again, I’ll do my best to live on for you, for us.

“May you rest peacefully baby. Until we meet again.”

Friend Phoenix Violet also thanked those who helped search for her “dear, dear friend”.

“I just can’t bring myself to say goodbye … So I’ll say this – I love you – I know you know I do. I hope you know that I did everything I could and while I miss you so much and my heart is breaking … I’ll spend forever making sure that your story and smile lives on and encourages those who are fighting their own darkness to ask for help and know they aren’t alone. I’ll always see your face”.

Forensic examinations of the car continue.

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