Tricky quiz tests how good YOUR lateral thinking is – and you’ll need good maths, English and science knowledge too

EVER WONDER how good your lateral thinking is? Take this quiz to find out!

THIS 14-Question challenge will test your general knowledge, and skills with lateral thinking puzzles.



This 14-question quiz will test your general and lateral knowledgeCredit: Getty

Using you understanding of math, English, and science, this quiz which is shared on US-based trivia platform Playbuzz, will defiantly put players to the test!

Some questions will require you to know specific facts, whilst others will test you with tricky riddles.

As shared in today’s Daily Mail, the below quiz will reveal your general knowledge and ability to think outside the box.

1. When I get multiplied by any number, the sum of the figures in the product is always me. What am I ?

A. 4

B. 9

C. 8

D. 2

2. A farmer has 86 chickens. All but 6 die. How many are left?

A. 6

B. 86

C. 85

D. 5

3. What is the most common connecting word for SHIP and CARDS?

A. Sea

B. Deck

C. Port

D. Harbour

4. What is three-fifths of 50?

A. 35

B. 20

C. 25

D. 30

5. What is the square root of 10,000?

A. 10

B. 100

C. 110

D. 1,000

6. Which of the following words is spelled correctly

A. Vacumm

B. Occured

C. Greatful

D. Fulfill

7. 1/3 of 13 of 450 equals:

A. 55

B. 40

C. 45

D. 50

8. Melinda, 12 years old, is three times a old as Liza. How old will she be when she’s twice as old as Liza?

A. 18

B. 14

C. 16

D. 24

9. Water is to ice as milk is to _____.

A. Calf

B. Coffee

C. Butter.

D. Cow

10. What is the square root of 225?

A. 25

B. 15

C. 52

D. 22

11. 9/24 and 15/40 form a proportion.

A. True

B. False

12. Where is Liberia?

A. Asia

B. Africa

13. A bakery had 3 pies cut into eighths. Three-quarters of all pieces were sold. How many were not sold?

14. Tree is to the ground as chimney is to:

A. Smoke

B. House

C. Fire

D. Brick

Time to check your answers!

  1. 9
  2. 6
  3. Deck
  4. 30
  5. 100
  6. Fulfill (US Spelling)
  7. 50
  8. 16
  9. Butter
  10. 15
  11. True
  12. Africa
  13. 6
  14. House

How well did you do in this 14-question quiz that tests your lateral thinking?


How well did you do in this 14-question quiz that tests your lateral thinking?Credit: Getty Images – Getty
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