Twitch star Jerma goes viral with IRL ‘Dollhouse’ Sims stream as viewers control him

Twitch streamer Jerma985 brought The Sims to life with a chaotic IRL “Dollhouse” stream that saw viewers vote to control his actions, including locking him out of the building.

The Sims is one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time, spanning across decades and countless expansion packs. It’s hard to imagine there are any gamers who wouldn’t instantly recognize the visuals, sounds, and quirky features of the series.

Now, after years of planning, Twitch streamer Jerma decided to bring the game into the real world with an IRL The Sims experience over on his Twitch channel. Even better, he let viewers control what he did throughout the stream.

After hilariously recreating the Create-a-Sim (CAS) mode at the start of his stream, which saw him try on a variety of clothes, hats, and accessories, Jerma entered the IRL dollhouse, which appeared to be a combination of a real set and visual effects.

“What I’m looking for you to do, is for you to take care of me,” he explained to viewers watching along at home. “I want to sleep well, eight hours a night.”

For the next two hours, Jerma did everything a Sim would do, such as (not) paying bills and exercising. With a set of constantly changing needs like ‘Hunger’ and ‘Energy’, viewers could vote to fulfill them or leave him to suffer.

In one scene, viewers voted for the streamer to go jogging, and his Hygiene bar depleted. After begging them to “please let me bathe” for ages, they eventually decided to let him take a shower, and the scene was blurred out just like in the game.

The attention-to-detail was incredible for fans of The Sims, and Jerma was clearly having a lot of fun with the set-up. Viewers could even buy him gifts, such as a popcorn maker which left him very confused – you can watch that clip below.

After two hours, Jerma brought the chaotic stream to an end, but reminded viewers that there would be even more real-life Sims streams to come over the next few days, explaining that this was just the ‘tutorial’ of the IRL experience.

“We’re gonna dial it up every single day, every day is going to get more ridiculous,” he said. “I think everything worked out very well. We’ll see the upgraded house in a couple of days, with even more wacky, wild stuff!”

You can catch the full IRL Sims stream here, with the next one expected to take place on August 20 at 3PM ET.

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