Twitch streamer nearly explodes during phone battery experiment

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Ian Kung nearly severely harmed himself while taking apart a lithium-ion battery with improper equipment, which caught fire.

Ian Kung is a content creator that has found success on his YouTube channel, where he films short comedy bits. Most of his videos are quite innocuous, like a guide on how to survive cringeworthy episodes of The Office, which involved taping himself to a chair.

Sadly, another, more recent clip of his is much more serious than his comedy sketches. Ian was streaming his attempt at removing a lithium-ion battery from an Android phone when he made a dire mistake that nearly seriously injured himself.

Ian Kung

Ian has amassed nearly 500k YouTube subscribers.

Ian’s phone incident

While attempting to remove the lithium-ion battery, Ian used a screwdriver to try to lift the battery up from where it was glued down. The metal hit the metal from the phone, sparking a fire and shocking Ian. He quickly dashed away from the camera to put the fire out.

This easily could’ve caused an explosion of the battery. Even if the battery was completely dead, batteries can still hold a charge even in a dead state, meaning that putting metal to their base a very bad idea. An explosion of the battery would’ve almost certainly resulted in injuries.

Luckily, Ian wasn’t injured from the fire that was caused, and even went right back to streaming after the accident. Android phones used to have a battery that would pop out quite easily, but unfortunately for Ian, they are now locked in and require a serious amount of effort to remove.

In the future, if you are looking to pop out a battery, do not jab a metal screwdriver directly into it – unless you are in the middle of the woods trying to start a campfire.

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